Contrary to the image above, I am not a human with an octopus attached to my head…but that’s only because I couldn’t convince myself that I needed that octopus plush. And now it mocks me every time I walk into Target…with those beady, dead eyes…

I write stupid observations. Many have been sitting in my computer dying of starvation and lack of the attention they need to stay young. Others have been dancing around in my noggin unable to find their voice.


I can only write from my perspective and from my experiences. Honesty is hard for me, but I want this to be a place for it.

A few warnings:

  • If you are offended by foul language, I apologize. It won’t stop me, but I apologize.
  • Names, places, and anything else I think needs protection will have their names changed or omitted. This is to honor privacy.
  • There will be posts reflecting mental health because that’s part of who I am.
  • I’m shit at responding. It’s not you, it’s my anxiety. Most likely I’m sitting staring at a blank screen going through thousands of responses in my head trying to pick the best one, but by the time I find one that I’m not embarrassed by time will have passed enough that I think it’s too late. Again, it’s not you, it’s my anxiety.
  • Release schedule…there’s not really a set one right now. My goal is 2-3 times a week…but we’ll see.

Anybut, hope someone enjoys this, if for nothing else, as a little laugh into someone else’s (usually) self-created misery.

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