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I Bought It

If you’re new to this blog…

Take a look at my about page. The image there is of me with an octopus plush on my head. Every time I go to Target I see that plush. Its dead eyes haunting and taunting me.

So today (yesterday actually) I bought it.

It wore me down.


And before you judge me….Yes, it did bring me joy and as I stare at it right now…it still brings me joy!

Also, low-key: I adulted and bought a new shower curtain, bath mat, shower caddy, and bathroom organizer….so yeah…I didn’t JUST go to Target to buy an octopus plush, Karen!!

P.S.- I know from the picture it looks like a squid, but it has 8 arms so it’s an octopus!!

P.S.S.- Its name is Squiddly Diddly because I suck at puns and apparently so does the internet…COME ON INTERNET!!! You had one job! To have puns for EVERYTHING!! Aaannd I like the old Hanna-Barbera cartoons. Plus, it looks more like a squid than an octopus (even though it definitely has 8 arms).



Going to a birthday party tonight…

It’s for a man turning 30. It’s Peter Pan themed costume party…

I shall be going as a female Smee. I call her Smee-ette.

I’ll post pictures of my costume…if I remember. Just updating you all on my life at this point.

I also have rehearsal until 6pm and the party is at 7pm…

…..and I have to record about seven more videos and edit twelve (including the seven I still need to record) before Wednesday and I have to finish my rough draft before January and I still have about 20,000 words to go on THAT and I have to finish editing a friend’s book before November and I have to keep up on this blog and I have to keep up on my OTHER blog for my super secret second life (not really THAT super secret really) and I have to make sure I remember to go see a show someone I know is working on Friday and I have to get through rehearsals and tech week for my current job and find time to finish things for the other other show that I help repair and build things for and I have to find time to hang out with my friends and I have to find time to sleep and I have to find time to eat…..AND I have to find the time for my usual, ritualistic, must watch horror movies for Halloween…


Anybut…Smee-ette. I’ll post that picture when/if I remember to take a picture of it.



Is it adulting….

When I plan vacations 2 years in advanced knowing that’s a more realistic…reality to when I’ll be taking one?

I mean, I’ll still probably do some improptu trips, but I’m talking about VACATION! Planning ahead to make sure I can properly get the time off, get my shit together, and maybe make goals to complete before then…

Shit. That’s adulting.

Anybut, Disney World 2021!! WHOO!!!