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Random Food Update

I have some sad news…

The Papa Johns close to my house is gone. I can no longer order delivery. If I want their pizza I have to drive to a further away Papa Johns and pick it up.


Guess I’m gonna eat less pizza…

And for those of you who hate Papa Johns pizza…whatever! The man may be a moron, but he doesn’t own it anymore.

This has been a random food update.


Random Food Update

I love to snack…

Nibbling on snack foods while I work actually, in a weird way, help me concentrate more…maybe there’s some science behind that…maybe not…whatever.

Anybut, I’m trying to find “healthier” snack foods to nibble. I’ve gone from potato chips to pretzels. I’ve nearly cut candy entirely from my life. I’ve started eating more yogurt, grapes, fruit snacks, and granola.

Am I doing this to lose weight? Partly (I’m going on a cruise in a couple of months and I want to be able to eat all the amazingly delicious food on the ship). Mostly, because I don’t want to feel like a gremlin…and my skin doesn’t break out as much when I cut out the greasy snacks.

This has been a random food (snack) update.

Random Food Update

That embarrassing moment when…

You’re at a Thai restaurant and you know what you want to order, but you don’t want to sound like a moron and mispronounce the food.

So you do your best…say it wrong…then realize you could’ve just said a number…

Hi, I’ll be over hear thinking about this horrendous mistake for days after while you go on with your life and forget all about this brief moment in time.

This has been a random food update.

Random Food Update

It’s candy time…

Halloween is here. Time to rank my favorite candy.

#10: Milky Way

#9: Gummi Bears

#8: Snickers

#7: Three Musketeers

#6: Tootsie Rolls

#5: Skittles

#4: Smartees

#3: Lollipops (tootsie and bubble gum)

#2: Sweet Tarts

#1: Hershey Kisses

This has been a Random (Halloween) Food Update.

P.S- My Christmas candy list is VASTLY different…but you’ll just have to wait for that…


Random Food Update

Since I got a veneer tooth…

I have been specifically told: NO SEEDS!!

Okay, not really NO seeds, but to be careful for seeds with shells that normally people would use their teeth to open…I guess?

It’s gonna be an easy thing to avoid. I don’t usually eat seeds that aren’t already de-shelled.

Apples are fine though.

This has been a random food update.

Random Food Update

It’s torture….

All I want is ice cream. I have gift cards for ice cream…..

But I can’t because of my tooth. The chipped tooth that was ground down to make room for the veneer I’ll be getting in 2 weeks, hurts when anything chilled touches it. I can only imagine what frozen ice cream will feel like.

…..but I REALLY want ice cream.

Anybut, this has been a random food update.

Random Food Update

Spicy food…

I really love spicy food. And by spicy food I mean the kind of spicy that clears your sinuses, makes your eyes water, and gives you tongue a good time.

However, I don’t actively seek out the spiciest anythings. I have no interest trying a ghost pepper or anything that may make me regret life itself.

Anybut, this has been a random food update.