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Way Down Hadestown

Way down under the ground…

If you need a song to jam to or dance alone in your room to, Way Down Hadestown is the one.

It’s jazzy, bouncy, and very New Orleans. The whole show is really, but this song is killer.

It got me thinking of other songs that are fun to dance to alone in your room…or at a club if you have a social life….and I realized there aren’t many from musicals even though they are made for dancing.

Maybe I’ll do a list of musical songs that would fit in clubs…and I don’t mean remixed versions…looking at you Defying Gravity.


Fall Clearing

I’m very productive…

When I procrastinate. I have things I need to do before January. So, instead of doing them, I do things I’ve needed to do for…3 years?

My point is I cleaned out my closet. I went through every single piece of clothing and decided what had/needed/should’ve gone.

And let me tell you, I did some real damage. I’m pretty sure I got rid of almost 75 pieces of clothing. Some things I’ve had since high school…woof.

A lot of things were items that were the wrong size and have ALWAYS been the wrong size. Like I bought them knowing full well they were the wrong size for me, but I thought, “Hey, some day I MIGHT fit into this.”

Oh, young, naive past-me. Deep down you knewin your heart that was never going to happen.

There were also things that were falling apart, but I loved them so much I didn’t want to let them go. But I did. I let them go. With minimal tears.

Anybut, now I need to find something else to procrastinate with…

Nice Try Brain

My brain is a little trickster…

It wants be to believe that I could just start exercising and love it. Nice try.

I’ve tried to start a regular exercise routine, but every time I can’t keep going. The main reason is I think I’m one of those people who needs someone else to hold me accountable.

I don’t necessarily mean a trainer, but I mean a friend who does it with me. It would make it more fun, too.

Also, the shy, anti-social me wouldn’t be able to go to a gym anyways. I know nobody is watching and judging me…a lot, but my trickster brain would convince me to go and then constantly tell me everyone is staring and laughing at you…welcome to my life.

For those of you saying, “yOu’Re JuSt MaKiNg ExCuSeS!”

…..yeah. And?

I know me and I go through these phases where I want to start working out…but I need the accountability and the best kind that works for me is accountability from my friends.

But my friends are either too busy or too far away.

Anybut….that’s it.

Rabbit Hole

I’m falling, falling, falling….

I haven’t gotten stuck in a YouTube rabbit hole in a while…but know I’m trapped watching hours of videos….about the beauty guru dramas….which I reeeeaaaalllyyyy know nothing about.

But I’m learning a lot about how they make eye shadow pallets and a lot of the terminology.

Also how quickly it can go wrong. I really had no idea how large the community was…

HOWEVER!! I don’t watch any of the beauty gurus actual videos. But I know their names.

P.S- No, I will NOT name them so you folks can’t claim I’m using their names to pull in views….as tempting as that is.

Nail Story

Fair warning…

This is a post about finger nails.

I am not much of a makeup lover. I used to wear it every day. Now I literally only wear it for extremeley special occasions (the last time I wore makeup was my friend’s wedding and that was because I was a bridesmaid).

HOWEVER!! I love painting my nails. I love wearing fake nails. If I wasn’t such a terribly anti-social, shy timid mouse I’d get my nails done at a salon every month. Luckily, for my bank, I don’t (except when my friends want to go get it done, too).

I only spoil myself on 2 things beauty-wise. My hair and my nails.

Anybut, I’m really only bringing this up because I just finished glueing on new nails and I love the feeling of typing on a keyboard with new long nails.


I know they’re not LONG long, but for me (a habitual nail-biter) these are frighteningly long.

Also, I don’t even care how sloppy the glue is…these probably won’t last the week, anyways…I’m not very good at being careful with them.

Damn It, Jerry!

By now, you all know of Squiddly Diddly. The plush Octopus I bought from Target who haunted my dreams unti I finally bit the bullet and brought him home.

But I have another undersea friend who’s been with me for a couple years…




His name is Jerry. He’s a tiger shark who just wants to be your friend. He’s named for all the Jerry’s in the world….you know the ones…

Anybut, I got him…I think from the Maui Ocean Center…or maybe from the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach….I can’t really remember, but I like him. And I think he’ll make a great friend to Squiddly Diddly.




This isn’t a commentary on children. I swear.

One of my amazingly talented friends is in Matilda the Musical and one of the songs is called Revolting Children.


Two weekends in a row I’ve been able to see a show! My friends are amazing and I love watching them do what they’re so clearly made for!

Anybut, the show itself was okay. The music was nice, but Act II had moments that dragged and the climax was very sudden.

WITH THAT SAID THOUGH!!! If you love Roald Dahl’s books than this is a fun show (since it’s based on a Roald Dahl book).

Also, don’t go in expecting the 1996 movie version which had Mara Wilson and Danny Devito (and other actors but they’re the two I can remember).

Reverse Anxiety

You know how most times when you lay down to go to bed and your brain won’t shut off? And it decides it’s time to go through every little thing to raise your anxiety and keep you awake?

Well, last night I had the opposite thing happen…sort of.

My brain wouldn’t shut off but instead of raising my anxiety, it went through a number of positive things. And things to excite me, making me eager to wake up and get to work on several things.

It was weird. I think most people would’ve gotten up and gotten to work, but I just kept letting my brain fill my head with exciting thoughts.

Of course, when I woke up the next morning…it was a day I was going to be out of the house all day. All of those exciting thoughts were pushed to the back burner and some I’ve forgotten.

Anybut, I really appreciated my brain giving me a night off…sort of.

Waze vs. Maps

I have a confession…

I like both. On my phone.

I like that Waze has a planned drive where you can get an estimate of traffic for a drive and it tells you when you should leave. And you can link it to your Spotify playlists.

I like maps cause it’s easy to use. And not covered in little pictures of other drivers or of multiple reportings of incidents.

Bottom line, for those who argue over which is better? Okay. I like and hate both equally.