Having a few flashbacks…

Rehearsal today provided a few flashbacks to a show I worked on last year…or maybe two years ago? I can’t really remember cuz’ I REALLY try to forget that show.

Some day I’ll get into the grimy details. For now, just know it involved 4 men, a handshake, and egos.

Today the air brimmed with similar energy to an event that happened during that show…I was prepared for shouting, but oddly the ones involved today were more mature about how they handled the tension.

I’ll save the story for a day when I have more time to give it justice….also I wrote this post cuz’ I’m somewhere I can’t easily load pictures…so instead of a photo of me in my Smee costume from last night you get this vague post.

Anybut, maybe I’ll upload the photo once I get somewhere with better internet.




Going to a birthday party tonight…

It’s for a man turning 30. It’s Peter Pan themed costume party…

I shall be going as a female Smee. I call her Smee-ette.

I’ll post pictures of my costume…if I remember. Just updating you all on my life at this point.

I also have rehearsal until 6pm and the party is at 7pm…

…..and I have to record about seven more videos and edit twelve (including the seven I still need to record) before Wednesday and I have to finish my rough draft before January and I still have about 20,000 words to go on THAT and I have to finish editing a friend’s book before November and I have to keep up on this blog and I have to keep up on my OTHER blog for my super secret second life (not really THAT super secret really) and I have to make sure I remember to go see a show someone I know is working on Friday and I have to get through rehearsals and tech week for my current job and find time to finish things for the other other show that I help repair and build things for and I have to find time to hang out with my friends and I have to find time to sleep and I have to find time to eat…..AND I have to find the time for my usual, ritualistic, must watch horror movies for Halloween…


Anybut…Smee-ette. I’ll post that picture when/if I remember to take a picture of it.


Deck the Seasons

The time has come once again…

Okay, maybe not once again for this blog, but once again in my LIFE for Christmas to come tooooooo early!

For some extra cash, I help repair, build, rejuvenate props for a Christmas touring show for another theater. I mean full on painting, making jump ropes out of tinsel, and wrapping presents for nearly two months.

The pay is good. For what it is and it gets me through November, December, and January (the theater company I work for is dark during those months).

But it’s a CHRISTMAS show that I’m prepping before Halloween is even within reach.

I’m already not so much a fan of the Christmas atmosphere (the only exception is OF COURSE Christmas at Disneyland cause that shit is fucking magical!).

Anybut, just gotta get through this show (rehearsals started Monday and we open two weeks from Friday…eek!) and Rudolph work and then I’ll get a small break.

So Many Guitars

Rehearsal Day 1…

The next show has begun. The actors double as the musicians and today was music day.

Which means there were a LOT of guitars in the room. 5 guitars being played, 3 sitting to the side. One bass guitar. 2 Mandolins. A violin. An accordion. A small drum set. A piano. AND a melodica.

So many instruments, but definitely a LOT of guitars.

Best part:

They’re all amazeballs players! This show is going to be fun to listen to, but we’ll see how much fun it is to run…

Anybut, rehearsal day 1 in the BAG!!

P.S- I’m writing this as they’re rehearsing…but don’t tell my boss…who’s sitting right next to me…

UPDATE: There’s also a banjo.

Once More Unto the Breach

Rehearsals are starting again…

The next show I’m working on starts rehearsals tomorrow (Monday). Unlike the last show, this one is smaller in cast size and rehearsal time. Instead of three weeks, we’re only rehearsing two weeks.

I mentioned in a previous post about the pre-rehearsal work. But tomorrow is the real stuff. The actors/musicians are going to be there and it’ll be time to do some real work.

I’m not as familiar with this show as I was of the last one, but that makes it more interesting for me. Although, the accents used for this show are pretty thick so we’ll see how well I can follow along.

I mean I have the script, but I don’t like staring at it too much.

Anybut, I’ve been sticking pretty well to posting every day, but we’ll see how much longer I can keep it up.

If I can reach 100 days I’ll be happy…so I guess as long as I can keep this up for…two more days? I’ll reach that goal.

Vet Day Update

Midna’s all clear…

My little kitty is all clear! Perfect health!

….maaaaybe a little small, but the vet said she’s not underweight. Just on the lower end of the weight spectrum. But she does eat, she also runs around a lot. When she gets older the energy will calm and she’ll probably start gaining a little more weight naturally.

Anybut, my baby’s healthy and doesn’t hate me for taking her to the vet.

At least, not visibly.