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As of 11:10 pm on January 26th

Just checking in….

As my day of birth comes to an end…I really, truly, undoubtedly, not surprisingly….forgot how old I was.

Is this a common theme with everyone following their 30th birthday? I actually had to DO THE MATH to remember how old I am now today on this sunny California day…………..

Sorry, had to pause again to do the math AGAIN to remember that I turned 32 years old.

God, I hate math…

Friendly Reminder

For those of us who haven’t driven their car in months….I hope everyone has been remembering to at least drive a short distance to make sure your car stays well…

Cuz I didn’t…and now my car battery (which is less than a year old btw) is dead.

It’s my own fault. But it’s reminded me how long this has been going on. The theater I work for has been closed since March…and will be closed until next year.

Anybut, called AAA and got the battery jumped. The dude told me to drive it around for 30-60 minutes. I drove for about 30 minutes and then made the STUPID decision to go through a drive-thru.

I was thirsty, there was one car in line, so I didn’t think it would be a problem.

It was a problem.

Ordered the drink, had to wait five seconds for the car in front of me to pay and move on…it was 5 seconds too long.

The battery died. A truck pulled up behind me. A very nice gentleman helped push my car through the line to a parking spot. I yelled at the confused worker in the window that my battery was dead and I’d be back to pay.

After my car was “parked” I went in and paid for my drink then called for help. I sat in my car drinking my cursed soda while I waited for a tow truck to come and take my car to the same place I bought my battery.

Luckily, the battery was still under warranty so all I had to pay for was labor.

And that’s the story……oh and they had Ghostbusters 2 on the TV…followed by Goonies.

Yeah. Please don’t be a moron like me and be sure to drive your car at least twice a week.

Holey Ship High In Transit!!!

Okay, I know I said I was going to do a random news post last Saturday, but the personal thing that happened last week kicked into high gear literally the day after my last post.

Some major BS happened that basically took all of my focus and my complete attention away from everything.

And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING!

I spent many nights not in my bed and staying up until 2 in the morning (which normally wouldn’t be a big deal) then waking up at 7 in the morning.

Now I hear you regular 9-5ers snorting in amusement, but let me add this caveat: From 7am-2am I was in a constant state of emotional distress of varying levels.

I should re-emphasize that this distress was not due to something immediately affecting me, but came from trying to comfort and help my friend through a very difficult and surprisingly teetering time.

I am not in ANY way upset about doing this. I care very deeply for my friends and will do everything in my power to help them. But this was something I had very little knowledge on how to solve or help. What I did know was that my friend needed me and that was more important than all of the other things I wanted to focus on this past week.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so…jet-lagged without the actual jet part. I lost track of time. It feels like it’s been a month since this all started.

Out of respect to my friend’s privacy I will absolutely NOT discuss it on here. My only regret is that I have rehearsals starting next week and the week after that I will be on a cruise ship. I won’t be able to do anything beside texting my support and that bothers me.

I’m going to try to make up for this lack of posts next week with a random news post on Saturday, a post a day detailing the rehearsal process, AND a post a day the following week on the cruise which is also a writer’s conference…as much as I can….not sure how dodgy the internet will be…

Anybut……..here’s a tip for the day/life. Communication is the MOST important thing in any and ALL relationships.

I Bought It

If you’re new to this blog…

Take a look at my about page. The image there is of me with an octopus plush on my head. Every time I go to Target I see that plush. Its dead eyes haunting and taunting me.

So today (yesterday actually) I bought it.

It wore me down.


And before you judge me….Yes, it did bring me joy and as I stare at it right now…it still brings me joy!

Also, low-key: I adulted and bought a new shower curtain, bath mat, shower caddy, and bathroom organizer….so yeah…I didn’t JUST go to Target to buy an octopus plush, Karen!!

P.S.- I know from the picture it looks like a squid, but it has 8 arms so it’s an octopus!!

P.S.S.- Its name is Squiddly Diddly because I suck at puns and apparently so does the internet…COME ON INTERNET!!! You had one job! To have puns for EVERYTHING!! Aaannd I like the old Hanna-Barbera cartoons. Plus, it looks more like a squid than an octopus (even though it definitely has 8 arms).


Going to a birthday party tonight…

It’s for a man turning 30. It’s Peter Pan themed costume party…

I shall be going as a female Smee. I call her Smee-ette.

I’ll post pictures of my costume…if I remember. Just updating you all on my life at this point.

I also have rehearsal until 6pm and the party is at 7pm…

…..and I have to record about seven more videos and edit twelve (including the seven I still need to record) before Wednesday and I have to finish my rough draft before January and I still have about 20,000 words to go on THAT and I have to finish editing a friend’s book before November and I have to keep up on this blog and I have to keep up on my OTHER blog for my super secret second life (not really THAT super secret really) and I have to make sure I remember to go see a show someone I know is working on Friday and I have to get through rehearsals and tech week for my current job and find time to finish things for the other other show that I help repair and build things for and I have to find time to hang out with my friends and I have to find time to sleep and I have to find time to eat…..AND I have to find the time for my usual, ritualistic, must watch horror movies for Halloween…


Anybut…Smee-ette. I’ll post that picture when/if I remember to take a picture of it.



Is it adulting….

When I plan vacations 2 years in advanced knowing that’s a more realistic…reality to when I’ll be taking one?

I mean, I’ll still probably do some improptu trips, but I’m talking about VACATION! Planning ahead to make sure I can properly get the time off, get my shit together, and maybe make goals to complete before then…

Shit. That’s adulting.

Anybut, Disney World 2021!! WHOO!!!