Going to a birthday party tonight…

It’s for a man turning 30. It’s Peter Pan themed costume party…

I shall be going as a female Smee. I call her Smee-ette.

I’ll post pictures of my costume…if I remember. Just updating you all on my life at this point.

I also have rehearsal until 6pm and the party is at 7pm…

…..and I have to record about seven more videos and edit twelve (including the seven I still need to record) before Wednesday and I have to finish my rough draft before January and I still have about 20,000 words to go on THAT and I have to finish editing a friend’s book before November and I have to keep up on this blog and I have to keep up on my OTHER blog for my super secret second life (not really THAT super secret really) and I have to make sure I remember to go see a show someone I know is working on Friday and I have to get through rehearsals and tech week for my current job and find time to finish things for the other other show that I help repair and build things for and I have to find time to hang out with my friends and I have to find time to sleep and I have to find time to eat…..AND I have to find the time for my usual, ritualistic, must watch horror movies for Halloween…


Anybut…Smee-ette. I’ll post that picture when/if I remember to take a picture of it.


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