Having a few flashbacks…

Rehearsal today provided a few flashbacks to a show I worked on last year…or maybe two years ago? I can’t really remember cuz’ I REALLY try to forget that show.

Some day I’ll get into the grimy details. For now, just know it involved 4 men, a handshake, and egos.

Today the air brimmed with similar energy to an event that happened during that show…I was prepared for shouting, but oddly the ones involved today were more mature about how they handled the tension.

I’ll save the story for a day when I have more time to give it justice….also I wrote this post cuz’ I’m somewhere I can’t easily load pictures…so instead of a photo of me in my Smee costume from last night you get this vague post.

Anybut, maybe I’ll upload the photo once I get somewhere with better internet.



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