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Random Pic

I tested 2021 and it, in fact, brought it on…and now I regret everything. Therefore, to appease the 2021 gods, I present a wholesome picture to cease bringing it on…please.

Here’s a picture of our neighbor’s dog and his new best friend.

What were they looking at? Why, me and my good boy Lele.

They were just jealous they weren’t getting any cuddles.

Please, 2021 gods…cease the bringing it on. I will not mock you again…maybe.

Post Halloween Pic

Our Halloween Decorations 2019…

Sure, not that impressive, but there was one very impressive one: My Black Kitty MIDNA!!! This is only her second Halloween. She’s only a year old, but she was born in the summer so she’s already lived through 2 Halloweens.

She didn’t quite know what to make of the other black cat on the piano…but she REALLY liked the pumpkins (the plastic ones…no real ones this year).


31 Days of Horror Movies #1

October 1st movie is…


The scene represented here is when a Killer Klown from outer space drinks the blood of a human trapped in a cotton candy ball thing with a silly straw.

This was the first scene I ever saw from this movie (it was on TV at the time) and not only did the klown designs terrify me, but the idea they were trapping humans to drink their blood…



Felt cute, might delete later…


Should this be the time I get into the ridiculousness of being afraid to post ugly pictures?


But here’s one I took and couldn’t get over how thick my glasses are. I mean look at that right eye (my right eye, not the eye on the right)! It’s like a poorly photoshopped attempt to make my face look thinner, but I forgot to do the rest of my face!

Anybut….I’m not embarrassed to post the ugly pictures.

And yes, that is a zit on my face. Guess what? They never stop coming! Okay, maybe for some people they do…but don’t be surprised if you still get those little puckers well into your 30s!! (Especially if you’re like me and get stressed easily…they love stress)