A Vision in Violet

31 Days of Holiday Memories!!

Day 29

I should’ve posted this yesterday, but here we are.

Three years ago (from yesterday) I left the world of the blondes and became……VIOLET! I’ve had purple hair for 3 whole years now. Which means a lot of people in my life have ONLY seen me with purple hair.

Just a fun holiday memory fact to share….that I should’ve shared yesterday. Whoops!


Before and after.

Of course, now my hair is to my shoulder…..but I don’t have a picture of that. I’m not one for selfies really.

ALSO, I know my skin is two different colors…but the pale girl on the left is my actual skin color. The violet tan girl on the right….different lighting…

Star Wars

31 Days of Holiday Memories!!

Day 28

Okay, okay, this is cheating a little. But I’m counting it.

I just saw Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker…don’t worry. No spoilers here.

But, it reminded me of the many years going to see Star Wars, which if you haven’t been paying attention, many are around the holiday time.

I don’t care what your opinions on what labels you a true Star Wars fan. I grew up watching the original trilogy with my dad. I grew up going to see the prequels in theater. I even worked STAR TOURS at Disneyland because I told my manager I wanted to work it since I grew up with it.

So here is my Holiday Memory: Star Wars.

Also, if you haven’t seen the new movie….it was great. If you disagree with me, fine. For me, it was great. I cried at 3 different moments.

Were there cheesy moments? Sure, but I loved every second of it.


31 Days of Holiday Memories!!

Day 27

I remember New Years Eve 1999 into 2000. The whole Y2K thing….

A lot of people were worried, some pretended they weren’t, but still had that “What if…?” whisper in the back of their head.

I didn’t really understand it. I understood the thought behind it……but I mean computers were still pretty smart even back then. I think they understood how numbers work.

Anybut, I remember as soon as the clock hit midnight (in Indiana, that is), my brother and I ran into our dad’s office to see if the computer exploded. I mean, that’s what WE thought would happen. Not our dad.

Though I almost wish it had gone down like people predicted. Have any of you ever seen the Dilbert episode about the Y2K bug? How it actually happened and the city sort of turned back into medieval england?

Yeah…maybe that wouldn’t have been so bad. I mean look at us now.

Poker Joker

31 Days of Holiday Memories!!

Day 26

Before my gram died, I was banned from playing poker with her and my aunt.

When I was little, during Christmas, I watched my family play poker. I wanted to play even though I didn’t know how.

So, to be nice, they dealed me in.

I got a royal flush my first time playing….I wasn’t allowed to play anymore.

To this day, I’m not allowed to play poker with my aunt and uncle.

Night Owls

31 Days of Holiday Memories!!

Day 24

It’s Christmas Eve today. It makes me think about all those years as a child wanting to stay up all night. Too excited to sleep…

Not much has changed. I stay up all night…just not out of excitement.

Remembering all those years of Christmas Eves, I really feel bad for parents. They have to get so creative about where they hide presents, how they create the Santa illusion, and when they put the Santa gifts out.

Kudos parents.


So Many Santas

31 Days of Holiday Memories!!

Day 23

Every year, my mom would surface her collection of Santa Claus.

She used to buy one every few years, but recently has decided her collection is complete enough.

When I was a kid, I knew it was holiday time when I came home from school and saw the Santa Claus collection set up.

Here they are:


Dragon in a Wagon

31 Days of Holiday Memories!!

Day 22

Instead of Elf on the Shelf….

We use our stuffed dragon and hide them around the house. You may remember the Shame Dragon that lives in our bathroom. Here’s the post.

Anybut, apparently we’ve decided to participate in Elf on the Shelf a little differently. It’s not so much our dragon is getting into mischief…we just hide them around the house. When you find them, it’s your turn to hide them.

It’s just for fun.