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Car Thought…#1?

Stupid car thought on my way to work this morning.

I was thinking about weird couples in storytelling and not necessarily the ones you think I’m thinking of. And I was thinking about this particular coupling because…well, to be honest, because what else does one think about in California traffic?

This isn’t going to be a very well researched discussion. But it may get….odd. So, I should just get right to it, right?

Have you ever noticed how there are a lot of relationships between giant women and small men in fiction? An Elvish woman and a dwarven man, a giant woman and a human man, Amazonian women and human men (though to be fair that’s because there aren’t Amazonian men…but I think is still fair to include), Dragon and Donkey (Didn’t forget about you Shrek films), Ocean Goddess and crazy water scientist (At least, I think that’s who Ponyo’s parents were…I haven’t watched it in a while), and so on.

It’s an interesting, recurring coupling. I mean, I get it…anatomically, which, don’t worry, I will not go into details of. It’s even found in nature. Females being far larger than males like angler fish, spiders, and others that aren’t as creepy looking.

I’m sure there are articles, podcasts, or YouTube videos discussing this topic as either a misogynistic fantasy or an empowering feminist statement. I don’t care about those conversations because if I’m honest…it’s probably both depending on which story the coupling appears in…OR it’s just all in good fun.

But where are the examples in reverse? The only ones that freely and quickly come to my mind are…

Also, before y’all come for me…there probably are examples of the reverse coupling. Giant man and small woman in fiction. I also feel the need to emphasize I am only talking about FICTION. Like I said, this isn’t a highly researched discussion.

It was a thought I had in the car. Like shower thoughts…but dumber.

A Writer’s Process

I’m currently working on my third book in my fantasy series (Bloodfall Arena and Blood Embers are both available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online stores in print and as ebooks…also there is a fantastic audiobook of Bloodfall Arena read by the fabulous and absolutely talented Zura Johnson)…and when I say currently working I mean being completely distracted by a new work in progress that has taken over my life and will not release me until I satisfy its desire to be outlined fully.

Besides that blatant, unabashed, and unashamed self promotion, this is not about my published books.

I thought I’d give a little insight into my writing process. Or into one aspect of my writing process.

Now everyone is different and I’m sure there will be some authors who read this particular habit of mine and think, “How do you get any work done? I would never be able to concentrate enough to write” or some other such thoughts. But I thought it would be fun to talk about because it is also something that consistently changes throughout working on a single book.

So, I am a big fan and lover and purveyor of music. I love it as most humans on this planet do. I have also made it no secret that while working on my Blood Magic Series, music was a key component in my writing process. The entire series was basically a playlist before I ever put words on a page.

But on to this current project I’m working on and why I decided to write about it today.

When I started working on this book, I had very specific songs I would listen to in order to help me get my mindset into the world and characters. And I made a playlist with said songs and would listen on loop. It was made up of 23 songs and if you REALLY want to know…it was metal covers of Disney songs…yes, really.

(For those interested they were mostly songs done by YouTubers Jonathan Young and Caleb Hyles, with a couple by Peyton Parrish thrown in as well. Highly recommend the covers if you like metal music and Disney)

Anybut, this playlist was the main one I listened to in the beginning stages of the book. Then I branched out a little more as the world began to form into a more solidified idea. I added a couple more covers and then branched out into other songs that had the feeling and themes I was focusing on. The playlist grew from 23 songs to 45.

THEN I reached a point in the book where I was fleshing out my main character and doing some backstory stuff with her close friends and things that happened before the start of the book. And I created a second, third, and fourth playlists. To be completely transparent, they were Dance Mixes. Dance songs that my main character and her friends listened to and though I may never mention the songs in the book it helped me to make concrete decisions about relationships, personalities, and mannerisms.

Now on to where I currently stand in the book, I’m building up to the major conflict, climax, and so on. I happened to be taking a break and was scrolling through random videos and came across a cover of Attention by Charlie Puth…but in the style of a movie soundtrack.

And a new playlist was born for the conflicts, fights, and major plot points. (If you’re curious, they are covers by Joel Sunny. Another recommendation if you like that kind of stuff)

Now I swap between about five different playlists depending on the situation or scenes I’m working on in my book. I should also clarify, this is still the working, rough first draft and outline stage of my writing process. It’s the nitty gritty, awful writing that is the bones of what the story will eventually become.

But it’s also a part of the process I highly enjoy. I get to explore things that may not end up working and being cut in the next few rounds of editing.

The playlists, however, shall remain to remind me of the process. If this book ever becomes something (although it’s 100% a personal project I’m only working on for me to enjoy…for now) I’m sure I would be willing to reveal the actual songs on the lists but for now you’ll have to deal with my, mostly, vague discussions.

I just find it incredibly fascinating that there is a clear path of development I can actually see (or hear) of my process in creating this one story. Going from metal covers of Disney songs to dance mixes to violin covers…it’s fascinating. And throughout the process I even found theme music for each of my characters for when I need to work on their scenes.

The Book Problem

I’m overflowing with books. I don’t have enough shelves for the amount of books currently in my living space.

I’ve debated creating a book nook…made of books…with a book throne…made of books.

BUT then how would I read the books that have been on my To Be Read list for years?

…Which reminds me, what is the proper term for books that have been on a To Be Read list for years? There must be some name for them. The Forgotten Stories? Never Starting Story? Something else that’s clever and not the ramblings of someone who is procrastinating from work…

It’s not intentional. When I bought the books I one thousand percent planned on reading them. I just got a little side tracked.

Part of the solution to my problem is to get more space for the books. Though I REALLY like my book nook idea…

Life Soundtrack

Do you ever just get random songs stuck in your head? Or better yet, random parts of songs just playing over and over?

I did an experiment when I was in college. Every time one of these moments occurred, I would write the song down. Every time. I literally had pages of random songs written down.

If I can find one I’ll post a pic here.

EDIT: I could not find one…womp womp

Anybut, the reason I’m bringing this up is for two reasons. The first, because I woke up this morning with a song repeating in my head. (Secret by The Pierces if you were wondering)

The second reason I decided to bring this up is because when I first did it in college I joked about how it was a real life soundtrack. And that got me wondering a stupid thought.

Do you know that fun fact about dreams? Before TV was in color people used to dream in black and white…or something like that? I always thought that was ridiculous. Why would TV have such an impression when, you know, the world is in color (unless of course you are one of the millions who suffer from a version of color blindness, but even then the TV would still appear the same as the world around you…or something).

I thought since music is so readily available and used in films and ads and tv shows and as ambience, is that why songs get stuck in our heads? I know one of the major pulls of music is to be catchy so people want to buy it, but did people back in the times before music was so readily available get songs stuck in their heads in the same way?

Has the idea of soundtracks for storytelling created this part of the brain that feels like emphasizing our actual lives with music?

Just a thought…as I also sit here listening to the same 40 seconds of a song over and over…Roxanne from the stage musical version of Moulin Rouge with Aaron Tveit…

….if you were wondering.

What to Do…?

Wondering what I should post about in the next few weeks…

Should I try doing more random lists? Should I post random true stories? Should I talk about my in progress second book in my fantasy series?

I just don’t know.

I’ll play around with some ideas and hopefully have an answer soon…

Until then, I hope everyone enjoyed my spooky ooky season lists. I had a lot of fun remembering some of the films and trying a new style of post…that other sites have probably been doing forever…but hey! It was still fun.

Anybut, this was sort of an update/random thought post. More for me than anyone else.

Random Thought

I think this whole being in self isolation is affecting more than my non existent social life and lack of work.

It’s affecting my non existent sleep schedule. And by affecting, I mean every sound in my home that I used to ignore/know exactly what it was…now sounds consistently like somebody walking through the house.

I know it’s not, but I think a little bit of paranoia is starting…and there’s still 26 days of this round of stay at home orders.

My main source of the paranoia is the idea that desperate people who are out of work…will be desperate.

It also didn’t help that this past holiday season, a guy knocked on our door when I was home alone and was acting reeeeaaallllyy shady. Like, facing away from the door and standing enough to the side that if I opened the door, he could easily force his way in or surprise me.

I’m a little jumpy, now.

And I hate that. I hate that I’m even thinking people would do that during this already sucky time…but this is an unusual time. And most people can’t handle unusual.

But as a teenage goth once said, “I myself am…unusual.”

I think that was the quote…close enough.