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Random Thought

You ever stare at your nails and think…

Okay, folks. How are you still a thing?

Now, if you ask me what I meant by this thought I regret to inform you, I have NO IDEA.

Self Isolation Random Thought of the day


I just snapped my thumbnail in half!! Okay the FAKE nail in half, but STILL!

I was moving a chair and it snapped off…it also nearly ripped my real thumbnail off, but luckily it broke before tearing the nail. My thumb still hurts, the inner corner ripped a tiny bit, but not badly.

THE DANGERS OF FAKE NAILS!! At least, the ones that use glue.


Nail Story

Fair warning…

This is a post about finger nails.

I am not much of a makeup lover. I used to wear it every day. Now I literally only wear it for extremeley special occasions (the last time I wore makeup was my friend’s wedding and that was because I was a bridesmaid).

HOWEVER!! I love painting my nails. I love wearing fake nails. If I wasn’t such a terribly anti-social, shy timid mouse I’d get my nails done at a salon every month. Luckily, for my bank, I don’t (except when my friends want to go get it done, too).

I only spoil myself on 2 things beauty-wise. My hair and my nails.

Anybut, I’m really only bringing this up because I just finished glueing on new nails and I love the feeling of typing on a keyboard with new long nails.


I know they’re not LONG long, but for me (a habitual nail-biter) these are frighteningly long.

Also, I don’t even care how sloppy the glue is…these probably won’t last the week, anyways…I’m not very good at being careful with them.