Sooooo I Googled Myself

Not out of any narcissistic need to find myself…

I was just curious to see what others HONORED to bear my name have done with their lives!! (In case you’re new here….this is me being overdramatic for no reason)

Anybut, I learned a lot. I MAY just be the least successful person with my name. I saw 2 doctors, a few nurses, a graphic designer, a real estate agent, and a few others who still came up in the search before me.

The most interesting thing, though? 2 of them lived in Indiana, 2 of them are from Illinois (one of whom was born and raised in Chicago where one of my closest friends was also born and raised), and another was from Arizona. I don’t remember where any others were from cause I wasn’t clicking on their information. I’d read the google search results and move on.

I mean, so many of me living so close together and we never bumped into each other……

OH WAIT!!! That’s a lie! I did meet someone with my name when I worked at Barnes & Noble. Not making this up. I literally met a woman with my name who was a teacher and had our Educator’s card (or was it just the Membership card?) AND was a regular….

But I never had the courage to tell her that we had the same name…I thought that was weird and didn’t want to freak her out… least freak her out more than me staring at her trying to transmit the information using our same name connection…….that’s a thing, right?

Fun fact: She looked nothing like me. Good for her.

Doggone It!

There was too much excitement yesterday with the “mini” Thanksgiving my family did and by mini I just mean not a full-size turkey and not as much food.

We made the choice because my parents are going to see my brother next week and didn’t want to have too much left over food and so we all compromised and decided we’d do a FULL turkey dinner for Christmas instead…okay, whatever.


With all the excitement and adjusted time frames for the cooking…….WE FORGOT TO WATCH THE PURINA DOG SHOW!!!


We remembered to watch the Macy’s parade, some football (not real hardcore fans), and some holiday baking shows.

But the MOST important television event of the year?! Forgot.

Anybut, congratulations to the dogs who performed well and congratulations too….

>checking google<

THOR?! The winning dog was a bulldog named THOR?! AND I MISSED IT!!! LIFE, WHY?!

I guess…there’s always next year….ugh….

The Tree The Tree

The time has come…

The Christmas tree is up.

And one cat, Lele loves it…and by that I mean he’s already sat under it and given his approval.

Midna refuses to go downstairs…too much excitement.

Anybut, here’s a pic:


Yay. Holidays. The next step is cookies…but those’ll have to wait until later.


Yesterday I had a delicious dinner with friends.

I got to meet an adorable French Bulldog names Stitch who is (in my eyes) Instagram famous…but mostly the cutest little puppy.

You can see pictures of this adorable puppy at @sincerelystitch.

The food was of course absolutely delicious and I couldn’t move after. Which was good cause we played JackBox games after which require very little movement.

It was a special Friendsgiving since one of my friends had just flown back from Saudi Arabia the DAY BEFORE! He’d been working on a musical there for an Arts festival.

He was very jet lagged but did his best to stay awake through dinner but crashed early. We all definitely understood.

Anybut, it was a fantastic Friendsgiving and now today is the real deal with my family.

Power On, WiFi Out


There’s apparently been a complication from the work that was done yesterday. I think when they were working on all the power stuff they knocked something loose with the internet.

Cause now we have NO internet.

So, sadly this will be the only post today while we try to figure this out.

Power’s Back

That was an…ordeal…

First off, they told us they were turning the power off at 8:30am. It turned off at 9:45am. Okay. That’s no big deal.

And they were done by 2:30pm instead of the 5pm they told us. Also, okay. No big deal.

What was an ordeal was the cable and internet. My theory is the cable company forgot to turn them back on until about 4pm. Why was this an ordeal?

Well, my father isn’t very calm or impatient when things don’t work when they’re supposed to…wonder where I got THAT from?! Anyways, had to listen to him do that thing men do where they breathe loudly and huff and puff trying to pretend like they know what they’re doing instead of believing not only those around them, but one of those websites (looking at from our phones) that say there’s a blackout in the area.

Bottom line. The actual power outage situation was simple and easy. It was dealing with my parents……..who weren’t even home for all of it.

ANYBUT, I got a lot of reading done. Got halfway through Stephen King’s End of Watch which I’ve been meaning to read for…..four years?

Heads Up

The power is going to be turned off in my area from 8:30 am to around 5pm…

I’m writing this post yesterday just in case I don’t get a chance to write more posts to schedule post for tomorrow…if that makes sense.

I may try to post random pics tomorrow instead cause that’s easier for me to do from my phone.

We’ll see.