Car Thought…#1?

Stupid car thought on my way to work this morning.

I was thinking about weird couples in storytelling and not necessarily the ones you think I’m thinking of. And I was thinking about this particular coupling because…well, to be honest, because what else does one think about in California traffic?

This isn’t going to be a very well researched discussion. But it may get….odd. So, I should just get right to it, right?

Have you ever noticed how there are a lot of relationships between giant women and small men in fiction? An Elvish woman and a dwarven man, a giant woman and a human man, Amazonian women and human men (though to be fair that’s because there aren’t Amazonian men…but I think is still fair to include), Dragon and Donkey (Didn’t forget about you Shrek films), Ocean Goddess and crazy water scientist (At least, I think that’s who Ponyo’s parents were…I haven’t watched it in a while), and so on.

It’s an interesting, recurring coupling. I mean, I get it…anatomically, which, don’t worry, I will not go into details of. It’s even found in nature. Females being far larger than males like angler fish, spiders, and others that aren’t as creepy looking.

I’m sure there are articles, podcasts, or YouTube videos discussing this topic as either a misogynistic fantasy or an empowering feminist statement. I don’t care about those conversations because if I’m honest…it’s probably both depending on which story the coupling appears in…OR it’s just all in good fun.

But where are the examples in reverse? The only ones that freely and quickly come to my mind are…

Also, before y’all come for me…there probably are examples of the reverse coupling. Giant man and small woman in fiction. I also feel the need to emphasize I am only talking about FICTION. Like I said, this isn’t a highly researched discussion.

It was a thought I had in the car. Like shower thoughts…but dumber.

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