To Dodo or Not To Dodo

Here is a random fun fact:

Did you know they’re trying to bring Dodos back?

I mean, in a way they can’t bring Dodos back, but they want to bring back a version of the Dodo. It’s science talk I don’t have the capacity to fully explain, but it’s interesting.

There are actual companies that are focusing on de-extinction. Mammoths are another species on the possible de-extinction list…but, you know, a version of mammoths.

There were a couple interesting NPR podcasts that talked about it with Beth Shapiro who goes into greater detail about how these could also help with conservation efforts.


Self Sabotage

As I approach a new gig in one week, I’m reminded how I almost messed up my shot at it.

I have a nasty habit of letting my imposter syndrome convince me that I don’t deserve things. It’s not debilitating because I have ways of working through the thoughts.

Anybut, whenever a new opportunity pops up on my radar I spend a long time staring at the emails/messages I’m about to send off to someone who will determine my fate and fight the urge to…well NOT send them.

Then after I send them, I think of all the things wrong in the email or on my resume or how I didn’t send it at a convenient time. And then I accept before even hearing back that I probably ruined my chance at the opportunity.

It’s not fun having a saboteur who also happens to be me. But I’ve worked hard to learn how to deal with it and though some days are difficult…I try my best.

Though there are some days I could just turn off that part of my brain right before I send my fate out into the void.