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To Dodo or Not To Dodo

Here is a random fun fact:

Did you know they’re trying to bring Dodos back?

I mean, in a way they can’t bring Dodos back, but they want to bring back a version of the Dodo. It’s science talk I don’t have the capacity to fully explain, but it’s interesting.

There are actual companies that are focusing on de-extinction. Mammoths are another species on the possible de-extinction list…but, you know, a version of mammoths.

There were a couple interesting NPR podcasts that talked about it with Beth Shapiro who goes into greater detail about how these could also help with conservation efforts.



There are no clocks in Las Vegas Casinos.

Also no windows (or at least, extremely few windows). They don’t want people to realize they’ve been gambling their money away all day and night.

Ok, harsh. They actually just want you to lose track of time cause you’re more likely to keep gambling if you don’t know how long you’ve been sitting at the same machine, table, or whatever.