Rehearsal Day 14

Five Days until tech week…

Excitement today.

Recording happened for a tap dance to add a little more sound where needed.

Finished props were brought in.

Apparently an actor was offered a dog by a homeless person at Chipotle….I don’t know the full story only what I could glean from passing conversation.

Personally, I fixed props that needed some updating to help out the prop designers.

…I also had a little bit of struggle today. It’s hard sometimes to be in rehearsals when it’s a struggle day. Sometimes it’s hard to watch people singing, dancing, and performing while I do legitimate work for the show, but nothing physically demanding. It makes the Imposter Syndrome grow stronger…kind of like the Dark side…except not as fun.

But I power through the struggle. I power through the thoughts trying to bring me down.

It doesn’t hurt that there are a few actors who go out of their way to make everyone laugh. And a few who always ask me how I’m doing. Sometimes that’s all I need. Just an acknowledgement that someone is happy I’m there.

Anybut, enough of that. Going to be doing something special tomorrow! Well, the actors…not me. But I get to write about it.

Rehearsal Day 13

Six Days until tech week…

We’re going to begin doing stumble throughs and run throughs today. Time to put this behemoth together and see how much actual time there is between scenes. See who has to do what…at least in the rehearsal hall.

We’ll also see if there will indeed be enough crew backstage…we can kind of tell in rehearsal, but until we actually have all the moving pieces it’s still a guessing game.

Anybut, that’s all I got for today.

Rehearsal Day 12

Like I said yesterday…

Today we only had 3 actors in rehearsal. And rehearsal was only 6 hours instead of 8 so it was a shorter day. Holes were filled in my paperwork (except for one but I think we’re finally going to get to it next rehearsal) and a lot of work got done.

BUT! There’s still so much to do and quite frankly…I don’t know how smoothly this week will go. There are still props needing to be worked on, set pieces still needing to be painted, puppets still MIA, and costume quick change rehearsals still needing to be scheduled.

Tech week is one week away…[insert squeal of stress].

Anybut, fingers crossed next rehearsal goes well…

Rehearsal Day 11

Quick….but sloooooooow.

That’s how I would describe rehearsal today. It went by quickly but also soooooooooo slowly.

I can’t even really remember what we did…I mean, I CAN, but I’d have to stop and think about it. But I know we did a lot. Every rehearsal we do a lot.

Tomorrow, though…..we’re going to do A LOT. But with less people. Only 3 actors are called tomorrow and instead of the 8 hour rehearsal, it’s only going to be a 6 hour rehearsal. Which is fair. Only 3 actors and really only working their scenes and a few of the songs….yeah, don’t need 8 hours for that…plus, 2 of the 3 have already done this show before.

BUT, I’ll be able to fill in the holes in my paperwork so hooray!

Anybut, on to the grind.

College Love…Nah.

I thought about somebody I haven’t thought about in over 6 years.

My college career was average. Normal. But one odd thing kept happening.

Now, there were a few GE programs I was required to fulfill. This meant a short list of classes to choose from to fulfill these requirements.

Almost every single class I chose to take…there was another student (I’ll call him Jack though that is obviously not his name) who took them, too. And I mean, every single class except for 2 (yes, I know that means not ACTUALLY every single class, but cut me some slack here. I’m being dramatic for storytelling sake).

Anybut, Jack noticed this pattern, too….I think….I mean he always went out of his way to sit next to me because he recognized me from the other numerous classes we took together.

Now I was a Theater Major. Jack was a Business Major. We should never have crossed paths. But we kept picking the same GE classes, as in we kept picking classes that we wanted to take, had interests in taking.

I hope you see where this is going.

Needless to say….I got a crush on this guy, Jack.

He was sweet. He was funny. He liked hearing about my theater classes. And he ACTIVELY sat next to me in these classes. If you read any of my other posts I hope you’ve been able to grasp the fact that I am the most awkward, shy, weirdo ever to be allowed to grow to an adult age. I don’t actively do anything. My preference is to sit in the back so nobody will talk to me….but he always found me and sat next to me.

“You’re reading too much into it. Of course he sat next to you if he remembered you from other classes. Humans are attracted (not in the romantic way) to familiarity. You were familiar therefore he felt more comfortable sitting next to you.”

Okay. Maybe.

BUT! Does that explain this thing that happened:

Context: I was a theater major. Duh. But there was also the student group within the theater department and my senior year the group wanted to do more across the campus activities to promote the theater department or promote other things.

One of these things was a campaign against smoking…cliche I know. Anybut, we created large cigarettes that we would carry around to our classes and if people asked us about the eye sores we had scritps to recite back to them in an attempt to educate on cancer, life expectancy, and other smoking facts. Then we would ask them to sign the cigarette with a kind of declaration of dedication to not start smoking or cut down on their smoking.

I carried that stupid cigarette all day. The only person who ever asked about it was Jack. I did the stupid little spiel. I asked if he wanted to sign his intention to never smoke. He to my surprise, agreed. When I got my cigarette back…he’d also written his phone number.

Yes. His phone number.

Here comes the heartbreaker. This happened my senior year. It was also this year in the very class this incident happened in…..that I found out he was married. He’d been married for almost 2 years…his wife was still back where he was from, planning to move out here to California at the end of the year.

This may be needless to say, but I’m going to say this twice. After finding out this information: I immediately turned off. ONCE I FOUND OUT HE WAS MARRIED I IMMEDIATELY TURNED OFF. What does that mean? It means any feelings I felt for him were shoved down beneath so many layers of reality there was no more flirting and there was very little casual talk outside of those required for class.

Is this an overreaction? Maybe. But quite frankly, there was no way I was going to continue anything with a married man who actively gave me his phone number and not in a “we’re in a group project” way. Maybe we could’ve been friends. Maybe we could’ve been friendly without any inference of romantic feelings…but there was also the possibility we couldn’t do any of those things.

Though I did keep that cigarette in the back of my closet for several years. I mean he was really cute….but I’m not going to be that girl.

I threw that cigarette away two years after that event. I never put the number in my phone. I never wrote it down anywhere else. I never considered calling it.

I kept it as a reminder of that guy in college I had a class with every semester. And that I let him go.

And though I’ve been calling him Jack to protect his anonymity….it’s honestly because I don’t remember his name anymore. I don’t even know what triggered the sudden memory of him. I haven’t thought about him since I threw away that cigarette 6 years ago.

Rehearsal Day 10

Week 2 is almost done!

After this week, we’ll have one more week of rehearsals and then on to Tech Week.

We’ve gotten a lot of the show done, but this weekend will be finishing the last few scenes that haven’t been blocked yet.

Time is ticking away! Opening night is rushing towards us!

Rehearsal Day 9

Today was a tiffy day…

What does that mean? It means it was a day that just tiffed me. It got under my skin and just kept prodding me.

One of my pet peeves is poor communication. I’m someone that will ask for clarification to an almost annoying degree. I want to make sure I understand what someone is asking me so I can do it correctly.

So when I see people not communicate effectively and then turn their anger at me….that’s a tiffy day. When I get blamed for other people’s lack of communication…I get a tiffy day.

I also don’t enjoy not having all the information before being thrown into a situation. As mentioned in my post Rehearsal Day 3, I was elected to be the go-between communicator between the hired puppet maker and Production Staff. I did the best to my ability not actually knowing every puppet the maker was updating or what exactly the director, artistic director, or stage management wanted me to get on record.

So already two pet peeves on my radar: poor communication and being thrown into a situation without the full rundown.

Not only was this the case, but (found this out later) the AD didn’t want to come in and meet with the guy and now it somehow has become MY FAULT the puppets are late to be delivered, the puppet maker guy isn’t responding to messages, and that the props are not all in the rehearsal hall (props by the way that needed repair and some needed specialists to repair).

To be fair to the puppet maker….the company already paid him in full so there’s no incentive to get the puppets to rehearsal faster. And I hear some of you in the back saying “What about his reputation?” What about it? He’s been in the business 20+ years so who’s reputation could be hurt by this? The veteran or the company that paid up front instead of in increments or at the end?

Also, Debbie Downer from my other rehearsal post (I don’t remember which one exactly, but it doesn’t really matter) was in full force today. Trying to solve problems are near impossible when you got somebody saying your suggestion won’t work….only to then suggest it themselves as a possibility and get praise for it…

Anybut, enough complaining over things I have no control over. I’ll keep working hard and doing what’s expected.

Random Food Update

Good thing to know I’m not a vampire…

My friends and I went to this restaurant where they put garlic in everything…and I mean EVERYTHING. (Okay, to be fair, not necessarily the drinks, but everything else absolutely)

It’s called The Stinking Rose and I mean if you don’t like garlic or can’t stand the smell of garlic you won’t even last five seconds inside. You walk in and it’s a waft of garlic. There are paintings on the wall, some familiar paintings, that have garlic cloves somehow incorporated into them.

Even the desserts had garlic in them. I ate the vanilla and garlic ice cream and it was delicious.

Everything was delicious. Though I did smell like garlic for a few days after…sorry kitties.

Anybut, highly recommend it if you’re ever in the Los Angeles area. Not gonna lie, a bit pricey, but fun.

This has been a random food update.


Rehearsal Day 8

Snakes and dragons and wolves…OH MY!!

Rehearsals continue on and on and on. But there’s still so much to do. There are props still needing to be built, costumes still needing to be tried on, and set moves still needing to be figured out.

Sometimes it seems like too much, but then you hear that one song that reminds you why there’s nothing else like it.

Then there are those people who just have to be negative all the time. I mean, come on. Just a little positivity before being a Debbie Downer would be welcomed once in a while.


Rehearsal Day 7


…and full cast day. Everyone was here so that was fun.

But mostly, the last hour was using the large puppet in the show. I feel bad for the actors who have to do it, but on the plus side, they’re all gonna have amazing thighs and strong arms.

Though the puppet itself is a BEAST!! Figuratively and literally. She’s one to remember…forever.

Anybut, things are starting to make sense….and starting to make me worry. There are a few scene changes where it feels like so much is happening and there aren’t enough people to make it happen…even though last time they did this show they had LESS people backstage…hmmmmmm. It’s gonna be interesting.