Rehearsal Day 11

Quick….but sloooooooow.

That’s how I would describe rehearsal today. It went by quickly but also soooooooooo slowly.

I can’t even really remember what we did…I mean, I CAN, but I’d have to stop and think about it. But I know we did a lot. Every rehearsal we do a lot.

Tomorrow, though…..we’re going to do A LOT. But with less people. Only 3 actors are called tomorrow and instead of the 8 hour rehearsal, it’s only going to be a 6 hour rehearsal. Which is fair. Only 3 actors and really only working their scenes and a few of the songs….yeah, don’t need 8 hours for that…plus, 2 of the 3 have already done this show before.

BUT, I’ll be able to fill in the holes in my paperwork so hooray!

Anybut, on to the grind.

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