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Random News…sort of

I have officially seen my FIRST holiday ad.

The culprit? T.J. MAXX!!!!

And to a lesser extent, the guy from Chuck……Zachary Levi? I think that’s right.



Random News

Discussing things that happened…

Time to talk about 5 things that’ve happened and state my random opinion about them:

  1. Disney+ Launched! Disney’s new streaming site is live…yay? The main issue is this…yes, companies want to cash in on the streaming craze…yes, they don’t want to share the money with third parties like Netflix or Hulu…HOWEVER!! Eventually every company is going to do this and there will be so many separate streaming sites that will cause audiences to get overwhelmed. Then something new will come along and it will all start over again.
  2. Sonic the Hedgehog movie revamp. For those not in the know: the trailer for the new Sonic Movie didn’t go over well when it first released. People didn’t like the redesign of Sonic. So the studios put a lot of money in to “fixing” Sonic….and it was worth it. Will the movie be any good? Who knows. But Sonic looks like Sonic sooooooo…good job?
  3. YouTube News: New rules are being implemented to protect the children…who shouldn’t have been using YouTube without their parents anyways. In case you haven’t been part of the YouTube crowd here’s a poorly described history of this issue: Channels/videos aimed at kids became popular. They weren’t blatant in what was a sponsored video or what products they were paid to promote. FTC doesn’t like that (cause it’s illegal: you have to say what is an ad when you aim at children because they can’t identify what is an ad and what isn’t). ALSO, pedophiles took these videos and made creepy playlists. They also put time stamps in the comments for parts of the video that other pedophiles would like…creepy shit! SO, now YouTube (after getting into a SHITton of trouble) is rolling out new rules for videos. You have to say whether your videos are Made for Kids or not. If you mark Made for Kids a few things happen. First, there will no longer be a comments section. Second, the channels will no longer have the ability to make playlists with videos marked as Made for Kids. Third, they will no longer have ads run on the videos. There are some other things, too, but I can’t remember them. Oh, and on top of all these new rules, if you mislabel your videos as Made for Kids when they’re not…you could be fined or have your channel deleted. Those kids channels are gonna lose a huge amount of revenue and there hasn’t been much discussion about how this affects channels that label their videos as Not Made for Kids. Gonna keep my eye on this piece of news as major new rules will be coming in January…
  4. Jeopardy moment. A contestant who didn’t know the answer to Final Jeopardy bet all but $5 of his winnings. But it was what he wrote that’s the news. He wrote “We ❤ you, Alex!” The usually stoic host choked up and broke the hearts of so many watching.
  5. And the last random news is a little update to a post about my Alma Mater and some drama happening. Click here to catch up…I’ll wait….caught up? Good. So not too much to update, but two things. First, the President of the school has commented and, of course, took the side of his wife. Second, the school paper has commented on the drama. Sure it’s an opinion piece, but it’s kind of a big deal. The school is relatively conservative as I’ve mentioned in my post. So when the school paper actually calls out a professor…it’s a bit of a big deal. They’ve also gone on record clearing up an article they wrote on the Dean of the Communication School. Since she’s running for Congress, the paper wanted to write a piece on her to get her positions out for students to read. She basically ignored the students, giving them “bare minimum” answers to questions and refused to be interviewed. So, the student paper did what most papers do when in a time crunch. They released a “soft piece”, a very catered form of news that doesn’t really go into detail. LITERALLY 5 DAYS LATER, the paper released a statement saying the piece “compromised our ethical integrity in order to comply with her lack of cooperation”. Let me emphasize two things. First, when you run for a public office it is that…PUBLIC. The Dean claimed she wants to keep her work life separate from her personal life….um, when you run for public office…that is your work and personal life. It’s PUBLIC!! Second, it’s not like the newspaper was some random paper. It was the newspaper for the SCHOOL SHE WORKS AT!!!! Also, where she is the DEAN OF THE COMMUNICATIONS SCHOOL!!! But I guess we can’t truly be upset with her…….she only became Dean when her husband became President of the school……nepotism.

And that was 5 random news stories.

This isn’t going to be a regular thing cause some news is too repetitive. And I only want to cover small stories that interest me/stories people may not have heard about…and like one BIG story.

Anybut, thank you for joining me.

These were MY opinions on each. Your opinions may be different and that’s fine. Now on to more random things!!

Alma Mater Drama

Warning: this post is serious…

I’m feeling less and less proud of my alma mater.


I went to a smaller, private university. In Orange, California…in one of the Red districts of Southern California.

As a Democratic-leaning Independent…it was a little uncomfortable. However, I was a Theater Major…therefore surrounded by much more like-minded individuals. I interacted with plenty of conservatives and got along with many. But it was always obvious the political leanings of the University OVERALL.

Why am I bringing this up?

Well, my alma mater is starting a new Center for Freedom of Expression and Media Integrity. Focus on that last bit for the rest of this post.

As with most things, there will be an inaugural event. The Dean of the School of Communications who will also be the Center for Freedom of Expression and Media Integrity’s Founding Executive Director has invited 2 speakers to the event, both former Press Secretaries for Presidential Administrations.

I’m sure you may be seeing where this is going. One of the speakers is Roberts Gibbs former White House Press Secretary of the Obama Administration. Okay.

The second speaker is former White House Press Secretary of the Trump Administration…Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Let’s review the title: Center for the Freedom of Expression and MEDIA INTEGRITY.

Now, this led to a former student (an alumni) sending a concerned email to the Dean of the School of Communications who will be the Founding Executive Director. I will post the student’s email. The Dean’s response. And the student’s response to the response. I will be blocking out names for the sake of anonymity. Though I will leave the name of my Alma Mater in because I think it should be known.

Alumni’s email:


Dean’s response:


Alumni’s response:


I could state my opinions on the matter. I could argue against the school’s decision to invite a highly controversial figure…but my alma mater has already done it before.

They invited Ben Shapiro to speak in a closed door, paid invite only discussion with business students…a small number of business students who had to pay a LOT to listen to him speak and NOT ask questions.

They invited Norman Finkelstein (twice) a man who has spoken negatively Jews and claims they use the Holocaust for political and financial gain.

They invited former President George W. Bush. Need I say more?

Anybut, the bottom line is, I accept my alma mater is highly conservative. I accept I will not agree with many people they invite to speak.

However, I do not accept the response of a faculty member to a former student where she degrades the student. Degrades the student’s intelligence. Degrades the students right to argue the credibility of a speaker who has been proven time and time again to be willing to lie and call the free press “enemy of the people”.

That is where I draw the line.


Random News

Discussing things that happened…

Time to talk about 5 things that’ve happened and state my random opinion about them:

  1. Sam Smith – I’ve never been a fan of Sam Smith. Yes, I enjoyed songs from their first album, but I never really cared about them after that. Did you catch it? Did you catch what I did? Sam Smith has announced they prefer the pronouns they/them. And even though I was never a fan of them, I still respect them enough to use their proper pronouns. It’s not hard Associated Press -_- (AP did eventually go back and fix their article on Sam Smith to reflect their preferred pronouns, but when they first published the story they continued using he/him…come on AP)
  2. ASH KETCHUM FINALLY WON A POKEMON LEAGUE!! FINALLY!!! I mean the kid’s been 10 for over 20 years and never won. It’s about damn time! True, I stopped watching the TV show long ago, but I still remember the pain of watching Ash fail time and time again to win. Though I do appreciate the long con. Teaching kids to never give up on your dream and someday it will pay off…if you continue to grow and work hard at your dream.
  3. Maher and Corden: Fat shaming…’d think people would’ve learned after Nicole Arbour’s video “Dear Fat People” (oh wait, you don’t know who Nicole Arbour is? Don’t worry, nobody does. 15 minutes of fame was more like 15 seconds). Maher is already controversial on a LOT of things. But here’s my opinion: Fat shaming is bullying. End of my opinion.
  4. Purdue Pharma, OxyContin, Sackler family: The family is greed incarnate. States shouldn’t be allowed to have more opioids in their state than they need (and yes, there’s a record for how much they need based on people who actually use it [I know it’s more complicated than that, but the point I’m making is this: SELLERS at pharma companies push to send out more opioids into states than they need]). DON’T BLAME THE WHOLE COMPANY!! BLAME THE PUBLICITY AND MARKETING DEPARTMENTS AND CEOS!!! There are people who work in pharmaceuticals who honest to GOD want to help people and have NO CONTROL over the pricing of the drugs. There are people working in the research department trying to cure diabetes, cure cancer, cure all kinds of diseases, but the guys selling the products don’t care. The people in the PR and Marketing departments (usually) DON’T HAVE PHDs OR KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MEDICINE!! They are sellers first. They only care about money. BUT NOT THE PEOPLE MAKING THE PHARMACEUTICALS!! End of my rant. But the Sackler family…they’re pieces of shit.
  5. Ending on something light: The Steven Universe Movie came out last week. It was pretty good. I loved the villain Spinel. Her story was heartbreaking and relatable (minus the whole wanting to destroy the world thing). She was also animated more closely to classic cartoons (think Betty Boop, Steamboat Willie). The songs were catchy (Other Friends!!) and it was interesting to see who collaborated on some of them (Chance The Rapper, Aimee Mann, Mike Krol, Ted Leo [Aimee Mann’s husband], and many more!). Was it a bit cheesy at times? Yes, it’s a kid’s show, but they didn’t shy away from dark things (BLOOD? Actual blood and physical violence shown?!).

Anybut, those were only 5 things that happened. I’ve wanted to talk about each, but clearly there wasn’t enough on any of the topics for a single post.

These were MY opinions on each. Your opinions may be different and that’s fine. Now on to more random things!!