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Fireworks for One

31 Days of Holiday Memories!!

Day 8

I used to work for Disneyland. One of my memories of working during the holidays is from way back in 2008.

I worked the attraction Autopia…’scuse me, Chevron’s Autopia (that’s who sponsored it back then). If you’ve been to Disneyland during the holidays then you are familiar with their holiday parade and fireworks show which have been the same FOREVER!!

Okay, not forever, but for a LOOOOOOONG time.

Anybut, there was a position on Autopia where you, the cast member stood in the middle of the ride all alone….my favorite position, to be honest.

It was a safety position in case something happened on the ride. There’s also a position where you walk the attraction (my second favorite position), but I always preferred the position standing in the middle of the ride.

I especially LOVED this position during the fireworks. There were speakers behind the position and you could listen to the music and get a pretty good view of the fireworks. Not the castle, but the fireworks.

I also liked this position during the fireworks because usually not many people rode the attraction during that point so you were pretty alone and got a show out of it.

I have a few other holiday at Disneyland stories from when I worked there…but I’ll try to keep them spaced apart.

And don’t worry Disney…none of them will be reveals of secrets or things not already publicly known.

A Recurring Nightmare

I don’t have a lot of recurring nightmares…

They’re more recurring themes of nightmares. But there’s one that I keep having that really messes with my head.

It’s the nightmare that I don’t have enough credits to graduate college.

I think it stems from the fact I was terrified while I was in college that I wouldn’t graduate on time. THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!! If you need an extra semester or year, that’s fine. But for me it was the idea that I wouldn’t graduate on time due to ONE credit.

My college required a certain number of credits of language. I don’t have a strong affinity for learning another language so this was very difficult for me.

I took French in High School, but I barely passed that so I thought I’d start over with a different language and one that I already knew a few words of (thanks to band).


The first professor I had……was AWFUL. He was Italian, but his class was just a lot of memorization. I literally had a final that was memorizing the Little Mermaid in Italian and saying it back to him. And no, I don’t mean translating the Little Mermaid and then saying it to him. He gave us the story in Italian and we had to memorize it.

I learned NOTHING in that class. I learned more when I worked an opera in Italy and lived there for a month.

BUT THAT DIDN’T COUNT TOWARDS MY CREDIT!!!! I lived in Italy for a MONTH and my college wouldn’t let that count for ANYTHING towards my language credit.

But luckily I earned all but 1 credit towards the language requirement from that AWFUL class which meant I still had to take one MORE semester of Italian, but I refused to take the class with that teacher.

Luckily I wasn’t the only one who thought this and he was fired before my senior year. So I got to take the remaining class I needed with a different professor who ACTUALLY taught it. He was also, VERY understanding. I explained to him I was a theater major and how I lived in Italy for a month. This was the last credit I needed to graduate and he was a little more lenient on me grading-wise.

I passed and graduated on time.

BUT BACK TO MY NIGHTMARE!!! The reason I said this nightmare messes with my head is even when I’m awake I feel like I didn’t earn that credit. I didn’t really earn the credit and shouldn’t have graduated.

And even though it’s been 8 (almost 9) years since I graduated I still feel like that. I still think I’m going to wake up and realize I’m still in college, struggling to earn that last Italian credit.


It’s also a bit of my Imposter Syndrome mixing with my nightmare…….feeding on the anxiety and stress to become a powerful Nightmare WIZARD!!

Strange Holiday Phenomenon

31 Days of Holiday Memories!!

Day 7

Only around the Holidays do I ever get the desire to learn how to bake and cook. I don’t understand WHY, because I have no desire to learn the rest of the year.

Last year it was real strong.

I even asked for a recipe card box so I could write down all the recipes my mom had. I was also the one to encourage my parents to bake cookies with me.

Though to be fair…the cookies is mostly because we used to bake them every year when I was little…..so I guess I can understand why that’s become such a strong thing around the Holidays.

But the COOKING?!

And I hear you all saying, “Well, didn’t you help with Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners?”

Yes, but I didn’t LIKE helping with those. Unlike the cookies.

Anybut, this strange Holiday Phenomenon (doot doo di doo doo)keeps haunting me every year.

My First Beanie Babies

31 Days of Holiday Memories!

Day 6

Remember when Beanie Babies were HUGE?

Yeah, I lived through that with only a couple hundred purchases…much to my parents’ chagrin.

Anybut! My first 2 Beanie Babies were Christmas gifts. A stingray (Sting) and a pink flamingo (Pinkie)…the irony that I grew up to be afraid of stingrays is tragic…


They were my introduction into the Beanie Baby world and I still have ALL of my collection…but especially my stingray and flamingo.

I blame Beanie Babies on my desire to be a writer. I created an entire city that my beanies lived in. I had couples, families, villains with dastardly plots….the whole shebang.

I miss the classic Beanie Babies. The new ones have less beans and are just not as well-designed…in my opinion.




Day 4

We had just gotten our second kitten. This was WAAAAAY back in 1998/1999 (I don’t remember the exact year…..gonna have to ask my parents…).

We had our first cat, Maui. Our second cat we called Kauai….sensing a theme?

Anybut, it was Kauai’s first Christmas and we’d gotten her own stocking for her so she didn’t have to share with Maui. We bought a feather on a string on a stick. She loved it.

I played with her for about ten minutes Christmas morning. Then she collapsed and started shaking. Foam came out of her mouth and me, a child, screamed and started crying.

I thought I’d killed our new kitten.

We took her to the animal hospital and learned it WASN’T MY FAULT!

We’d gotten her vaccinated a couple days before Christmas and she apparently had a bad reaction to one of the vaccines.

From then on, she couldn’t get that shot. Neither I nor my parents remember exactly which one it was, but it was one that surprisingly a large number of cats have reactions to…so the more you know.

Kauai was fine and lived a long, happy cat life.

I never said all of the memories would be happy ones.

Brain Activity

I was trying to be very good last night…

I was going to bed before 1 in the morning. I had started driftin off when my brain decided, “Hey! Remember that thing you’ve been trying to do for days? I’m ready now!”

Some people would ignore this and continue into dreamland…but I knew if I did that…I would forget everything.

So I got up, turned on my computer and did some late night work. My cat joined me for a bit…more out of annoyed confusion as to why I was still awake…and I got it all done.

Hooray! And it only took me until 3 in the morning…yaaaay…

Anybut, one thing off my list before the end of the year.

98 Degree Christmas


Day 3

I haven’t kept it a secret that I was in marching band in high school. So was my brother.

My brother’s senior (?) year, the band participated in the Disneyland Hoilday parade. So we flew out here to California from Indiana. We made it home in time for Christmas (they’d gone out for Thanksgiving time instead so the students didn’t lose their WHOLE holiday break).

Anybut, while we were there, we saw another parade….I can’t really rmeember where or what it was called cause I was tired and slept through most of it.

BUT I do remember the band 98 Degrees were on one of the floats….but so was PIKACHU!!! The Pikachu float got a louder response than the band….which was sad.


A Goofy Christmas!


Day 2

The earliest Christmas memory I have, is waking up early in the morning.

We still lived in California and I think I was…3 years old?

Anybut, I remember rushing down the stairs and I saw something sitting on the piano bench of our wonderful electric piano. It was a Goofy (the Disney character) doll dressed as Santa. My parents placed him so it looked like he was playing the piano.

We still have that piano…don’t still have that Goofy doll.

The Jitterbug


Day 1

My junior year of high school was the first time in like 10 years they did a musical.

It was The Wizard of Oz….ugh. Not my favorite musical, but I auditioned for it anyways.

Now, because of marching band, I couldn’t be cast in a large role, but I was cast. I remember the audition process. I sang for our school’s choir teacher and she said, “Another person who can sing not in choir.”

……….Thank you?

Anybut, I also remember writing on my audition sheet that I was not a good dancer.

So what was I cast as? A munchkin? A flying monkey?


I was cast as a Jitterbug…..the tap dancing part of the musical.

I did it. I learned fake tapping cause they only had four people who could ACTUALLY tap. I went through the rehearsals and the performances. Every night the Tinman fell on my foot

My band directors were a little sore that I wanted to be in the show and not in the pit playing oboe, clarinet, and english horn….but I was happy.

We still have pictures of me wearing my Jitterbug makeup.

Okay, I kind of cheated with this one, but it was during the holidays. The musical was the fall musical and marching band ended in early November so the performances were in late November, early December. So it basically counts.

Plus, I think the pictures of me in my Jitterbug makeup had Christmas decorations in the background……

If I find the picture, I will add it to this post or make a separate post with it.


I forgot to make an obnoxious post about how it’s the 1st of December!!!



Uh, uh, uh…..

31 Days of Holiday Memories!!!!

Every day I’ll write about a random memory from the holidays (specifically around Christmas since that is what my family celebrates).

I’ll do 2 for today and I’ll post them at 2pm and 4pm.