Every Day Scares?!

There are a lot of things that scare people. Here’s a list of a few of those!!!

Top 10 Things in Every Day Life That Scare People

10. Darkness
The fear of the unknown, being unable to see, or something being out there in the darkness…a few of many reasons people are afraid of the dark. Some argue this fear is left over from our evolutionary ancestors who knew predators hunted in the dark…so we in turn fear the dark because the chance of being hunted is higher….or something like that.

9. Attics
Okay, not ALL people understand the fear of climbing/walking into an unfinished attic and searching through boxes of old things. Horror films use this trope a lot, but it’s a real fear…speaking as one who had a door to the attic in her closet when she was a child…it’s scary. I always expected something to come crawling out and pull me into the dark, dirty, bug-infested attic.

8. Basements/Crawl Spaces
This is a similar fear to attics…the difference being the fear of being buried in the ground. Basements can be places of safety for those who live in areas with tornado watches and such, but for others…they’re scary. For most children…they’re terrifying! What if there’s a monster living down there? What if the walls cave in? What if the house collapses?

7. Cramped, closed in spaces
Claustrophobia is a common fear. But even people who don’t suffer from it can agree there is a moment of fear when you’re forced to squeeze into a small space. Darkness usually accompanies these areas. Also, the intense fear of getting stuck/trapped in the small space is a common fear that prevents many from becoming professional spelunkers.

6. Large Open Spaces
This is a little known fear, but if you’ve ever stood in an empty parking lot alone…you’ve probably felt this fear. Another possible remnant from our evolutionary past, this fear is based in the idea of being unable to hide from predators. Being fully vulnerable if you will. Though, I’d argue this fear isn’t as strong as the others, the fact that it’s more of an internal, hard to realize that’s why you feel uncomfortable standing in a beautiful open field, feeling makes it just as scary.

5. Being Alone
Humans are social animals…some of us less so, but there is something that we all share. The fear of being alone. I’m not talking about dying without finding your life partner, or spending a few nights alone in a house…being TRULY alone. There’s a chance this is another remnant of our ancestors, being alone meant more likely to be hunted, but I like to believe it’s the fear of no contact, no communication, nothing but yourself and your own thoughts that makes this a fear.

4. Silence
There’s something about quiet that can be peaceful…unless there is too much of it. Too much silence can be unsettling. The world is not a naturally silent place. There’s always noise. Wind, bugs, animals, cars, planes, people, etc. But if you ever find yourself in a truly SILENT world…wouldn’t that be terrifying?

3. Loud Noises
On the flip side, loud noises that are unexpected tend to send a jump through anyone unlucky to be in ear shot. The famous jump scares of film come to mind, but there are natural occurrences as well….natural in the sense of not made for the express purpose of scaring someone. Imagine a car horn suddenly blaring outside your window. A train horn in the dead of night. Or even the scream of someone who is surprised. The sudden disturbance activates our fight or flight response…although if you been to any horror events at theme parks, you’ve probably seen the crumpled to the ground or flight response…

2. Sharp Objects
This one is a fear that really…gets to the point….I’m sorry. Anybut, pointy things are a common fear… needles, knives, and so on cause many to squirm in their skin. The potential of those points touching the skin and causing harm is more terrifying than anything really…except perhaps actually being stuck, prodded, or stabbed…

1. Bugs/Arachnids
Creepy crawlies…the feeling of something crawling on your skin that SHOULDN’T be there. Animals with an unnatural number of legs…their ugly little faces that don’t belong on planet earth but in some science fiction horror film….where’s the bug spray?

No honorable mentions this time…mostly because I don’t think the goosebumps and phantom bugs crawling on my skin will let me think of any more scary things.

Can you think of any other common things that scare everyday people? Make sure to comment!

Memorable Horror Movie Monsters

A good monster/killer/antagonist design can add terror to a horror film. On the flip side, bad designs break an audience’s immersion in the story (see Bird Box for an example).

This list is to celebrate the most memorable horror monsters whether they be demons, creatures, or even human. Once again…this is in NO PARTICULAR ORDER!!

10 Memorable Movie Monsters:

10. The Infected (28 Days Later)
FAST…ZOMBIES!! These aren’t your every-day shamblers and walkers and whatever other terms are used to describe zombies. These bastards are fast and filled with RAGE.

9. Predator (Predator)
The perfect hunters. Their whole existence and society is based on hunting the universe’s most dangerous beings. Also…their trophies involve ripping entire skulls and spinal cords from a body. No thank you.

8. Pale Man (Pan’s Labyrinth)
Guillermo Del Toro has possibly the most twisted mind in the fantasy business. He’s like the modern H. P. Lovecraft. And the Pale Man is a nightmare come true. Gangly, eyes on palms, and looks like a weird naked mole rat had sex with Doug Jones (who plays the Pale Man FYI). OH! And it eats children…fuuuuuuuun!

7. Candyman (Candyman)
He has a hook for a hand….and he’s covered in bees under that fancy coat…if that doesn’t scare you, it should at least scare your allergies…

6. Michael Myers (Halloween)
The most terrifying thing about Michael Myers? He’s human…Myers is a man. A large man…with a knife…but a man. AND he killed his sister when he was six-years old! Another reason to fear children…

5. Cenobites (Hellraiser)
Pain is pleasure taken to the millionth extreme! Demons who wish to show whoever solves their weird little puzzle box the wonders and pleasures of pain….by tearing your soul apart…fun guuuuyyssssss…

4. The Thing (The Thing)
An alien that can look like anyone and anything…and has the most terrifying defense mechanism…I mean head spider anyone? Skinless dog with twizzler tentacles? NIGHTMARES!!

3. Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)
The second most well-known guy in a hockey mask…obviously the first being Casey Jones from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, duh…Jason is an unstoppable killing machine with a giant machete and a little water damage. You don’t want to meet this guy in the woods…

2. Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street)
Nightmares suck. Nightmares REALLY suck when a man with a burned face cracks one-liners while he chases you with his glove of knives. Nightmares F***ING SUCK when that same man kills you in the dream…and then you die in real life…but that sweater does look comfy…

1. Xenomorph (Alien)
Anyone who has played Alien: Isolation will understand just how awful and horrifying this space being is. Let’s look at the list: face huggers, chest bursters, acid blood, SECOND MOUTH!, a long tail that can stab clear through your body, and a shriek that turns your blood to ice…I’m never going to space…

There are SOOOOO many more memorable monsters….this was one of the hardest lists to decide who/what to include. And I didn’t even include any of the Paramount monsters that opened the doors for these beings to even come into existence!! (Don’t quote me on that, that’s probably not true at all…maybe)


5. Judas Breed (Mimic)

4. The Bear (Annihilation)

3. Gwoemul (The Host)

2. Ginger (Ginger Snaps)

1. Pennywise the Dancing Clown (IT)

Did I forget an obvious memorable movie monster? Let me know in the comments!!

Classic Horror Stories You SHould Read

This will be the last list about books…I promise!

However, it would be a shame to get through the Halloween season Ooky Spooky Lists without mentioning some of the most influential authors of horror.

Without further ado…10 Classic Horror Stories You Should Read:

10. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving
Starting nice and easy, but truthfully if you’ve never actually read the original short story I highly recommend it.

9. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
Who is truly the monster? What separates man from monster? Can people ever remember that Frankenstein was the scientist…NOT the creature?

8. Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Okay, I’d argue this is more mystery, thriller than straight horror…but it does have gothic qualities that tends to push it into the horror genre. Still recommend it.

7. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
Most people when they hear the name Oscar Wilde think poet and playwright…but he also wrote this gothic horror that is truly a horror classic.

6. Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury
A mysterious carnival arrives in a midwest town and strange things start happening? Sign me up!

5. The Turning of the Screw by Henry James
All I should need to say is this…this is the story Haunting of Bly Manor is based on.

4. The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson
Yes, this is what Haunting of Hill House is based on…but you should still read it. It’s considered one of the best literary ghost stories of the 20th century…pretty big deal, right?

3. The Call of Cthulhu by H. P. Lovecraft
You could pick ANY of Lovecraft’s stories, but I specifically chose this one because it is probably the easiest for first time Lovecraftian readers.

2. The Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allen Poe
As with Lovecraft, I might as well have put ALL Edgar Allen Poe writings here…but Masque of Red Death is my favorite.

1. Dracula by Bram Stoker
I love this book. I love the writing style. I love the story. For some, they may not like it as much as the many, many, many adaptations, but it is definitely a classic everyone should read.

No Honorable Mentions for this list….mostly because I tried to stay pre Stephen King and Anne Rice and Richard Matheson and SO MANY OTHER amazing horror writers.

Memorable TV Show Monsters

Jason Voorhees. Predator. Xenomorphs. Movie monsters are some of the most memorable characters to grace the silver screen.

But what about TV? Well, that’s what today’s list is ALL about. Most will be entries from horror-themed shows…with a few surprises, too.

Let’s go ahead and jump right into this one. Here are 10 Memorable TV Show Monsters:

10. Demogorgon (Stranger Things)
Though I haven’t watched the series…I know…sorry…I’ve seen images and clips of the demogorgon and it is terrifying. If I bumped into this thing in the middle of the night (or the day for that matter!) I’d not only piss myself, I’d punch myself in the face and then throw myself off a cliff….okay, I’m being dramatic, but can you blame me? The long, gangly limbs, the blossom head filled with rows of teeth, and that shriek…dead.

9. The Flukeman (The X-Files)
Mutant sewer worm man…yuck. This creature is not only disturbing, but if it bites you, it injects some of its young into you. These parasites feast on the living host body. That alone is memorable…but then you SEE the flukeman. It’s the size of a man, pale, slimy, and has a suction shaped mouth with four fangs for locking into flesh. A classic creature from X-Files that still haunts my dreams….sometimes.

8. Gooey Gus (Ghostwriter)
Okay, this is 100% a personal choice (and therefore probably isn’t as scary as I remember). If you are too young to remember, or missed this show, let me explain the premise of Ghostwriter. A group of friends solve mysteries in their neighborhood with the help of the ghostwriter, a ghost who can only communicate using written or typed letters it manipulates into sentences. Gooey Gus was a doll that “leaked” goo. It was a creepy looking doll that had a mind of its own. I never actually saw the conclusion to this story…but I remember one scene. I can’t remember their names, but I remember a boy and girl. The girl is in a wagon covered in slime (and blows a bubble) and the boy is telling her to chew…and that’s it.

7. Walkers (The Walking Dead)
The make-up and practical effects for this show are on another level. The progression of decay on all of the zombies are so hauntingly beautiful. I don’t have much else to say about it.

6. The Haunted Mask (Goosebumps)
This episode of Goosebumps, for SOME reason, was the scariest for me. It wasn’t even necessarily because of the mask’s design…no…that’s a lie…it was. It was the mask. Specifically the row of creepy masks. I mean if you watched the Goosebumps TV Show this was really the episode that proved it wasn’t going to pull ANY punches.

5. Gremlin (The Twilight Zone)
It may not have aged well, but this thing scared me so bad as a child, I STILL have small panic attacks if I have to sit in a window seat on a plane. I remember walking in when my dad was watching this episode (a re-run, obviously…I’m not THAT old) and recognizing William Shatner. I, the innocent child that I was, sat down on the couch and screamed so loud when the gremlin appeared in the window my mom thought I’d hurt myself. When I learned the same story was in the Twilight Zone film…I noped right out of watching it until I was older…classic.

4. The Gentlemen (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
I don’t know what it is about tall, gangly men that make them perfectly terrifying. Though to be fair, these weirdoes from Buffy also seems to glide around with creepy smiles, black eyes, and ate the hearts of humans…so maybe that has something to do with it. It’s true the vampire designs in the show were memorable, too, but I thought I’d pick these gentlemen because they may have only been on screen for one episode…but they made a LASTING impact.

3. Deadites (Ash vs. Evil Dead)
I…love…this…show…and that’s the main reason this entry is included. Deadites come in all shapes, sizes, and….dead-ness. They’re undead spirits that possess….well, ANYTHING really, but most commonly humans. Though they have possessed trees, cars, puppets, dolls, houses, and body parts just to name a few. And somehow they add gallons and gallons of blood to whatever they possess…no matter the size.

2. Weeping Angels (Doctor Who)
Sometimes the most innocent looking things can be the scariest. Appearing as simple stone angels, these creatures can only move when you aren’t looking at them. And if they catch you, they feed on your…potential life energy? I don’t know if that is an accurate description, but basically they send you into the past (either decades before your birth or thousands of years…possibly more…) and they feed off what could have been your life if you stayed in the present. Doesn’t sound too bad, but if you’ve ever played a game with something chasing you that can only move when you aren’t looking or blinking…you understand the horror of these monsters.

1. Bent-Neck Lady (Haunting of Hill House)
I mean…I had to add SOMETHING from Hill House. And I think between the Bent-Neck Lady and the Tall Ghost…Bent-Neck Lady wins. She is terrifying. She actually epitomizes one of my fears. Opening my eyes in bed and seeing a woman over me…so yeah…I’m gonna remember this bitch the rest of my life.

Time for some honorable mentions….to be fair, I asked friends and family to help with these so there are a couple I’m not familiar with, but they assured me they deserved to be acknowledged.


5. The Plague Kings (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)

4. Nightcomers (Penny Dreadful)

3. The Insect Monster (X-Files)

2. The Silence (Doctor Who)

1. William Hill/Bowler Hat/Tall Man Ghost (Haunting of Hill House)

I know I missed a lot of creatures from the small screen. Make sure to comment ones that scarred you for life down below.

All Seasons Horror

Horror films generally get people in the mood for Halloween. Though horror films can come out ANY time of the year.

This got me to thinking…why should horror films be relegated to October. Here are some films that you can watch ANY Season of the year:

10. Alien
Sci-fi horror allows scares to happen any time and any where. You think you’re safe in a spaceship floating through the nothingness of space? THINK AGAIN!! As the famous tag line says: In space, no one can hear you scream.

Christmas is surprisingly a popular time of the year for horror. Krampus goes full tilt Christmas Crazy with killer toys and gingerbread men. This’ll teach all the naughty children to mind their manners or else Krampus will pay them a visit.

8. My Bloody Valentine
I mean…it’s in the name. This horror slasher (whether you watch the 1981 classic or the 2009 remake) takes place during Valentine’s day. What girl wouldn’t love to see a horror film on Valentine’s day? I know I wouldn’t.

7. Apollo 18
Another one taking place in space. This film is in the found footage style. Astronauts start hearing bumps and seeing strange shadows out their windows. But how? They’re on the moon.

6. Black Christmas
Like I said, there are a lot of horror movies that occur during Christmas. I recommend the original 1974 version (also known as Silent Night, Deadly Night). A group of sorority girls are stalked and murdered by a serial killer who’s closer than they think.

5. Thankskilling
Don’t think Halloween is the only fall holiday to get its horror due. Thankskilling is, quite honestly, just a stupid film. In a good way. It’s about a killer turkey. That’s it. That’s all you really need. Enjoy.

4. New Year’s Evil
I’m going to be honest. I’d never heard of this movie until last year, but now I can’t believe it took me that long to watch it. A TV show host works New Years, counting down to the midnight hour. But a killer calls in and announces he’s going to kill someone every time it strikes midnight in each time zone. It’s a mystery and slasher film from 1980 and is definitely one I recommend.

3. Leprechaun
Who’s in the mood for some green beer and pots of gold? Well, you’re only going to get one of those in this fun, schlocky classic from 1993. A murderous leprechaun is after his gold and a young Jennifer Aniston is in his path. There are other people too, but this was Jennifer Aniston’s film debut…so there’s that.

2. Jaws
Summer blockbuster. This film…invented it. And you could argue watching it really reminds you of summer and going to the beach (whether it was an ocean, lake, or river). A classic and all time master class of suspense.

1. The Faculty
I’m not going to lie……I put this film here because I don’t think enough people appreciate it. Is going back to school a holiday? Not really, but thinking your teachers are aliens? Possibly. There’s high school cliches, young actors who either went on to bigger and better things or haven’t been heard from in many years. Truly a primo 90s film that more people need to be reminded existed.

No honorable mentions for this list…otherwise I’ll inundate you with a lot of Christmas horror movies and who wants that?

Books to give you a little fright

TV and film aren’t the only mediums that can successfully send chills up your spine. Horror books are able to tap into something film and tv can’t…not fully anyways.


Written word, whether a book, short story, web serial, or even Creepypasta, aren’t necessarily visual. Pictures may accompany them to add to the horror, but some of the most effective horror stories are able to militarize your own mind against you. It’s sort of one of the reasons some horror stories don’t translate as well to film or tv. Your imagination will always create something terrifying to YOU.

I’m not saying film or tv can’t utilize your imagination…some have done it extremely effectively. Haunting of Hill House is a good example. Once it was discovered there were “hidden” ghosts in the show, multiple watches started a chain reaction of over active imaginations. Was that shadow a ghost? Is that a ghost? I swear I saw a ghost!

But this list is about books and I’ve stalled long enough. Time for some Books to Give You a Little Fright:

10. Relic by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
If you’re not a fan of being terrified with straight horror, this is a fun dip in the scare pond. Technically this is a science thriller with a mystery to be solved. An ancient creature is on a murdering spree at New York City’s American Museum of Natural History and it’s up to the protagonists to stop the creature before it kills again. Imagine wandering through a dark museum with death things everywhere all alone while a dangerous creature is stalking you. >shudders<

9. Cheerleaders: First Evil by R. L. Stine
If you were a horror fan as a kid I’m sure you recognize the name R. L. Stine…but DID YOU KNOW? He also wrote teen (young adult nowadays) books. His series Fear Street included some of my favorite books when I was in Middle School. The one that stuck with me though? First Evil. It’s about a killer cheerleader…need I say more? Granted…it’s a little hard to find these books now and I (stupidly) gave mine away when I went off to college. But if you ever stumble across the Fear Street series, be sure to check out First Evil (and Second Evil…and Third Evil…the sequels)

8. Cujo by Stephen King
I’m sorry. This list will be including 2 Stephen King books. But for different reasons. Cujo is on this list not necessarily for the horror of a large dog attacking you. It’s on this list because there are chapters from the dog’s POV. You’re in the mind of the dog as it slowly loses its mind from the rabies virus and King really knows how to write, pulling you deeper into Cujo’s madness, as well. And it’s brilliant!

7. I Am Legend by Richard Matheson
Yes, the book the Will Smith film was based on. I’m definitely more on the side of read the book versus watch the movie. Though I have to give this film credit that it DID film the original ending…but I’m disappointed they chose to go with a different ending. It changes the whole horror of the book. I won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen the film/knew about the alternate ending…but I definitely recommend reading the book.

6. Sphere by Michael Crichton
Crichton was so good at writing science fiction, true science fiction and making it not only interesting but also horrifying. I could’ve chosen Jurassic Park, but I think Sphere is constantly overlooked…possibly because of the film that was so-so. HOWEVER, even if you take away the terror of being at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, this book is scary. This is psychological horror at some of its best. If you’re a fan of The Thing film, this book is for you and when you read it….you may not agree, but I think they’re definitely bosom buddies.

5. The Turn of the Screw by Henry James
A governess is hired to watch over two children in a mansion she comes to believe is haunted. All right…YES, The Haunting of Bly Manor is based on this…even the same character names are used. HOWEVER!! I would argue the novella is just as scary as the series…plus the endings are different (along with a few other changes). This is also one of those stories that has many, many, MANY adaptations. But I love EVERY one of them.

4. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz & Stephen Gammell
One word: Illustrations. The illustrations in this collection of horror stories, poems, shorts, etc. are HORRIFYING!! Entire generations have seen these images in their nightmares. And while the film did a good job bringing the illustrations to life….for the MOST part, it did kind of wimp out on some of the horror. I understand it was a kids film, but you don’t know true terror and nightmare-fuel until you’ve sat in the dark with your friends, passing the book around with a flashlight and reading the book out loud. Especially with that ONE person who can do scary voices very well and having someone else walk in on the group at a truly scary part!….Sorry I just had a flashback…moving on…

3. IT by Stephen King
The second Stephen King book on the list. I could’ve made an ENTIRE list of King books but that would be boring….for other people. Why this book? No it’s not because of the recent films. Please. I first read IT when I was in middle school…did I understand all of it then? No, but it still scared the piss out of me. I mean, a killer entity that can bring your greatest fears to life and feeds off your fear is already horrifying. But that the adults of the town where it resides know about it (sort of) and just kind of accept that kids are going to die every twenty-seven years is just a kick in the ass.

2. Uzumaki by Junji Ito
I’m cheating a little bit here. This is a graphic novel so there’s more visual than a regular book. But I think the story is strong enough to definitely be included here. A town slowly devolves into chaos and madness when spirals take over. Not a group named spirals or a spell call spirals…literal spirals are taking over. As with Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Jung Ito’s illustrations add to the horror. He is a master of Japanese horror and his style of drawing is so unique to him it’s difficult to translate into other mediums. Though a series based on this story is going to be released soon-ish and it looks like it is taking the style seriously and I AM HERE FOR IT!! >ahem< Bottom line…you should check this story out.

1. House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski
Don’t let the massive size of this book scare you off (honestly, it’s no bigger than a Stephen King book). This is a unique book. It actually started as a story online. Many pages are written in odd manners. Some pages only have one word on them. Another may have the writing all around the edges of the paper and so on. But what is the story? It’s actually 2 stories in one. The first story is a guy who comes across the second story. The second story is about a house. A house that has a door into a room that never ends…and a child goes missing. I know this may not sound THAT scary, but Danielewski’s unique writing style and formatting adds a new level of terror as the reader is made uneasy as they delve deeper into a story that feels like the never ending room. I urge everyone to check this book out.

And now it’s time for 5 honorable mentions. They’re all scary in their own right, but for one reason or another they didn’t stick with me as well as those listed above…not saying they don’t have their own horror elements…just an opinion.


5. Face on the Milk Carton by Caroline B. Cooney
A story that made an entire generation wonder….are my parents really my parents?

4. I Have No Mouth & I Must Scream by Harlan Ellison
A science fiction dystopian story with Artificial Intelligence and torture…fun.

3. Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier
A classic gothic story for those who are fans of Bronte.

2. Necroscope by Brian Lumley
Vampires. Russian and British Spies. Speaking to the Dead. Need I say more?

1. Pet Seminary by Stephen King
Of course, King makes an appearance even on the honorable mentions.

Did I miss your favorite book that gave you nightmares for days after reading? Share below in the comments!

Horror TV Shows you should watch

Horror TV shows aren’t really anything new. However, there are a lot more options that maybe flew under your radar…or I’m preaching to the choir here.

Of course, I will include a couple classics, but if I haven’t seen over 75% of the entire series…I won’t be including it in the main list. Also, these are in NO PARTICULAR order.

Anybut, let’s continue our Spooky Ooky lists with 10 Horror TV Shows You Should Watch:

10. X-Files
A favorite from the 90s to early 2000s. Even if you’ve never seen an episode, chances are high you’ve heard the opening theme song. It’s a classic theme that has become synonymous with alien sightings or other unexplained shenanigans. Though extraterrestrials were the bread and butter, there were several episodes that dove headfirst into horror. Whether it’s a crazed inbred family to the gray men themselves, this one is definitely one to check out if you never got around to it or were born after it’s run.

9. iZombie
If you’re looking for something more on the daytime detective show side of television, this may be the show for you. iZombie is all about Liv Moore who, after one unfortunate night at a boat party, is now a zombie. But unlike the mindless, brain eaters of movie fame, zombies on this show can pass as human. Liv takes a job at a coroner’s office in order to feed herself, but is discovered by her superior Ravi Chakrabarti who immediately wants to study her and find a cure. Learning she can see flashes of memories from those who brains she has eaten, Liv uses this ability to assist police in solving murders. There’s humor, there’s romance, there’s amazing music choices, and there’s gore…what more could you ask for? Oh, how about a possible civil war between zombies and humans?

8. The Twilight Zone
Full disclosure…I haven’t watched the new version with Jordan Peele. I know, I know, fake fan, but I just haven’t found the time to get around to it. However, I would still argue that the original Twilight Zone is still worthy of rewatches. Sure some of the effects are cheesy by today’s standards, but some are still terrifying. If you love anthology horror movies, than an anthology horror SHOW should be a no-brainer.

7. The Walking Dead
If you never watched The Walking Dead…I don’t know if we can be friends….HOWEVER! I did stop watching after season 8. Deputy Rick Grimes wakes from a coma to find the world has gone to shit. A zombie outbreak has overrun the world and he needs to find his wife and son. Cue the dramatic zombie chases, the gore, and some fantastic southern accents. Truthfully, this show has hit or miss seasons (Season 2 is a slog), but when it hits high, it soars. This was a zombie show that really took off and for good reason.

6. What We Do In The Shadows
Are zombie and aliens not your thing? How about vampires? What if I told you there was a vampire show similar to The Office? Well, there is and it’s What We Do In The Shadows. Based on the Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement film of the same name, we follow four vampires as they navigate their way through life on Staten Island. This is a brilliantly written comedy mockumentary with lovable characters and hilarious situations that leave you wanting more and more. Also, don’t forget to check out the original film starring Waititi and Clement…totally worth it.

5. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
For all the 90s kids who loved Sabrina the Teenage Witch but wished it had been darker…TA-DA! I love this show. Making it darker, but still having moments of humor completely works. Do I miss Salem the cat being able to talk….yes, but the creators made it up to me with all the blood and spells I could handle. Season 2 may stumble a little at points, but overall the show is brilliant in world-building, character, and story.

4. American Horror Story
This is another show I checked out following Season 6. I love that the actors change characters every season. I love that the characters they play all live in the same universe and sometimes interact. The stories…sometimes go nowhere or they try to stuff too much into a season, but they’re all good fun. I couldn’t bring myself to get through Cult or Apocalypse. I tried, but just couldn’t do it. I haven’t checked out 1984…but we’ll see. I stand firm that the strongest seasons were 1-4. Hotel and Roanoke were fine, but Jessica Lange was a powerhouse and raised those first 4 seasons just a little higher.

3. Black Mirror
An anthology series for the modern era. Technology…the true horror! Okay, I’m being a little dramatic, but this anthology is clean and so well written it’s frightening. And some would argue it’s a little clairvoyant. As our technology evolves, new horrors evolve with it. If you’re a technophobe…this may not be the show for you.

2. Ash vs. Evil Dead
This is absolutely one of my favorite shows that not enough people watch! I love the Evil Dead movies and when I heard they were making a series I was onboard 100%. And this show did NOT disappoint. Bruce Campbell is stellar and it’s obvious this show was made for the fans. There’s so much blood EVERY episode it’s a miracle when the characters come out of a fight not completely doused. It’s so over the top it just adds to the charm and witty writing. Was I a little disappointed in Season 3? Just a tad. Something about it just didn’t quite gel as well as seasons 1 and 2. BUT!! I still love it. MORE BLOOD PLEASE!!

1. The Haunting of Hill House
This show is stunning in its simplicity. There are ghosts EVERYWHERE. They may never interact with a single main character. They may just be in a single frame of a scene, but this show knew how to build the tension and just make you feel uncomfortable. You may not know why that shadow behind those two characters bothers you, but you know something is wrong with Hill House. Not the mention the story and the characters. Just brilliant and a modern classic of horror everyone should check out.

Now it is time for me to be honest and SHAMEFUL. For the Honorable Mentions list, I must make a confession. These are all shows I haven’t watched (not including the recent remake of The Twilight Zone). Please, be kind. There are just TOO many things to watch for me to catch up with everything………..though I am sorry about Number 1.


5. Penny Dreadful
I’ve seen the first episode…but then I started Hill House…I’m sorry!

4. The Order
I think I’m just a little tired (right now) of the secret society fighting against something evil…sorry.

3. Daybreak
Okay, this one is on this list only because a friend JUST recommended it to me.

2. Supernatural
I missed the window on this one. I just never got around to watch it…Sorry.

1. Stranger Things
I’M SORRY!! I don’t know why I never watched it. It’s still sitting on my watchlist. I just keep getting distracted!! But I do love the design of the demogorgon.

Did I miss some good horror shows you love? Comment below!

Horror Movie Remakes That Could Work (if Done Well)

Movie remakes are not my favorite thing in the world. There is a more likely chance they’ll end up worse than the original and OF COURSE there are some films that shouldn’t be touched in ANY capacity.

Horror films…even the classics…have the potential to be remade well. Humans will always have fear, but as the world evolves some of the things that terrorized film goers in the past may not be as effective.

THEREFORE, here is a list of films I believe could be remade…if done well. I’ll also include some ideas…not good ideas per se, but ideas.

10. House of Wax
Yes, I know there was a remake in 2005 (with the…”talents” of Miss Paris Hilton), but I think where they went wrong with it was the antagonist. They created this strange amalgamation of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and House of 1000 Corpses.
IF I MADE IT: I would keep the disfigured sculptor, but have him more like the Vincent Price character from the 1953 film (which also was a remake btw). He was personable (still disfigured, but more tragic than evil) and the wax museum was popular. Anybut, the other major change I would make is have the House of Wax be a traveling show. Wherever the wax museum goes, death follows. Of course, there would be a young cast who go to the museum and mock it, possibly destroying the owner’s most prized sculpture and setting the his sights on them. One by one their picked off until the final boy or girl discover the truth of the wax museum…and (another change) end with all the kids being turned into wax figures and the museum moving on to the next town…opening it up to sequels.

9. The Thing
NOW HEAR ME OUT!!! MOVE THOSE HANDS AWAY FROM YOUR KEYBOARDS!!!! I LOVE The Thing. It is one of my all time favorite horror films of ALL TIME! However…there is too much potential in a remake…if done well. (And we won’t even mention the prequel…>shudder<)
The actual horror of The Thing isn’t necessarily the alien symbiote…it’s the doubt and suspicion that grows between the characters…yes, the beautiful practical effects really set this film on another level, but I think there is potential to creating an even more tense and skeptic outlook on the story.
IF I MADE IT: Obviously the draw of the film is the alien creature and the visual effects of its morphing and deforming appearance. However, I would love to see a version where we don’t even know it’s a remake or relation to the thing. Yes, there would be an initial interaction that starts off the whole thing. Maybe a body turns up, but the character is alive. Maybe still an animal appearing that doesn’t belong. Something to begin building on the feeling that something…isn’t…right. And then we witness a character attacked by another character out of the blue and the assimilation begins. To add even more to the story…bring politics into it…I don’t know.

8. Children of the Corn
Because I MUST have a Stephen King reference on every list…if I can…I offer you the possibility of remaking a film that many find laughable already. But here I go:
IF I MADE IT: I would really go for the downer of the original short story. The couple who arrive both die and the children continue living their strange cultish ways. (I know this was already remade in 2009 to be this way, but I still think they added too much to try to fill it out) If I had to add filler of any kind, I’d add a scene of a child discussing dreaming of burning the corn fields and having the other children sacrifice them. That would really make the ending scene of Malachi’s pregnant “girlfriend” hit a little harder. Also, it’s a short story. Keep it short. No longer than an hour. Come on.

7. Don’t Look Now
First off, if you’ve never seen this movie…watch it. Second, this is ALMOST too classic to remake…but I think it could use an update.
IF I MADE IT: I would go a little more into the supernatural…sort of. What I mean is, really delve into the possibility of supernatural occurrences with just the most coincidental shit. At the same time, delve into the mental toll the death of a child has on not only the parent’s mental health, but also the relationship. Strain it harder and adjust who the mysterious figure in the red coat is…you know, update it. Venice is a beautiful locale that could be really used to its full potential.

6. The Phantom of the Opera
Full disclosure…I am absolutely a fan of the original novel. The musical, sort of. But when I talk about remaking this story, I 100% intend the book. NOT the musical.
IF I MADE IT: I would make it a full-blown mystery. Yes, we all already know who the phantom is, but I would dive full-tilt into the characters and events as they are written in the book. We never see anything from the Phantom’s POV, until the final scene. If anything, most of the story should be told from the POV of “The Persian”. This is NOT a love story. It’s a mystery and horror. And that’s how it should be made.

5. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Okay, I know there are versions of this story. But it doesn’t seem to be a story that does well in theaters. Let’s see if I can fix that (spoilers, probably not)
IF I MADE IT: As with Phantom, I would turn this into a full mystery, horror situation. I would argue tell the entire story from the perspective of Gabriel John Utterson (the POV from the novella). I would say have victims approach him and give him accounts. Then we see the transformation and see from Jekyll’s POV towards the end. I just feel like some of these classic stories are so much more interesting due to how they tell the story. I wish more films honored that.

4. Eyes Without a Face
There is possibility to really create a magical horror film here. The original is a classic and deserves all the praise, but there is still something here.
IF I MADE IT: Obviously, full gore. But STORY-WISE, move this to California where plastic surgery is King. Her father, a well-known plastic surgeon goes mad trying to find the perfect face. I would change his assistant in the film to be his wife and have her blame him for their daughter’s accident, even though it would be revealed later that SHE was the one who actually caused the accident. The two constantly battle over blame and guilt, driving their daughter further and further away from them. Change the fiance into an assistant who got along with the daughter and discovers her. They fall in love and she escapes with him as her parents implode over the guilt and blame…or something.

3. Duel
Okay, you could argue that movie with Russell Crowe (Unhinged) may in some capacity be a more down-to-earth remake….sort of. However, I see this going balls to the walls CRAZY!!
IF I MADE IT: Just road rage the damn movie. Have things being thrown out windows, liquid thrown on windshields to blind drivers, attempts to actually kill each other. I want there to be a moment both are pulled over by a police officer. When the officer approaches the protagonist, he’s suspicious of him, but when he approaches the truck driver…they’re friendly?! What?! Add more to this dynamic of dueling vehicles and add paranoia up the wazoo!! GO MAD!!

2. Isle of the Dead
Okay, true talk….this one really works nowadays with the whole Covid scruff going on. Though I would keep this 100% period.
IF I MADE IT: Keep it in 1912. Keep it on an island. What would I change? Take the supernatural aspect and make it all in their heads. Have the possibility of a supernatural reason for the plague seeds doubt through the group. The doctor struggles to convince them it is simply science and when he dies the groups divide into those who believe the plague is a punishment by God and those who believe it is nothing more than a passing disease. A struggle for humanity and sanity ensues, ending the same as the classic. In a sense, a Lord of the Flies sort of devolving of humanity.

1. Gaslight
This is the film that actually gave me the idea for this list. One of the namesakes for the psychological term gaslighting, it’s about time this film was made for the modern world. (You could argue a lot of films implement similar plots, but let me have mY MOMENT!)
IF I MADE IT: Obviously, we would modernize this bitch. So truthfully, not a remake. But a retelling for the modern woman. It needs to be properly defined and shown for modern audiences. Of course it would be a little bit over exaggerated to give the horror aspect a chance to shine, but so many men and women experience this psychological manipulation it’s time to make a movie exclusively about its dangers.

And now it’s time for some honorable mentions. I won’t go into details on these since you’re probably sick of reading my stupid ideas (and because my fingers hurt from typing SO many words).


5. Rosemary’s Baby
I know there already was a miniseries remake with Zoe Saldana, but I still think there’s more that can be done.

4. It’s Alive
Killer baby? Sure. Possibly change mutant to…demon? WHY NOT!

3. The Innocents
Ultimately, this is an adaptation of Turn of the Screw…Can we just have Turn of the Screw the movie! Please?

2. The Changeling
I just can’t get enough haunted house stories…and this one could do with an update…but please no needless jump scares. More like Haunting of Hill House, please. Ghosts existing in the background.

1. The Evil Eye
This could be a modern Hitchcock-like mystery horror. The original is Italian and I’m sure some American filmmaker has wanted to adapt it…well, get to adapting!

Spooky Ooky Season

The season of scares is upon us!

Though it’s going to look very different this year due to ongoing crises including but not limited to the disease that shall not be named, there are still things that can put us all into the Holiday Spirit.

And with the spooky holiday approaching I think it’s time for some lists!

Starting next Monday (because I didn’t have this idea until today and I don’t want to half-ass this) I will do daily lists that relate in SOME way to the Holiday season….Halloween season of course.

So get ready for some fun lists that are 100%, purely my opinion and will probably lead to some debate…….not THAT kind of debate.

See y’all then!!!

Bloodfall Arena Audiobook now available!!

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