THAT House Pt. 1A

I have a confession….

For context, you’re gonna need to read my post THAT House Pt. 1.

But for those who don’t want to read the whole thing (i.e. TL:DR): There’s a house in Indiana that was a bit of a legend in my middle and high schools. The Pimp/Dolphin/Naked House (hereafter to be referred to as the Pimp House cause that sounds better).

Anybut, on to my confession:

I really want to buy the Pimp House. If I had the means and the money and the time to go back to Indiana to fix it up…I would TOTALLY buy that house.

I mean, just for the legend of it alone (the legend, mind you, of a few generations of pre-teens and teens), to own that house would be such a….I don’t know…self-fulfilling prophecy? Nah, just wicked awesome.

I’d make sure to continue the tradition of the unknown legend of the house….by blocking all the windows with blackout curtains.

Stupid confession, I know. But I can’t help it! Maybe someday I can make it a reality…or someone will buy it long before I get a chance….oh well.


Is it adulting….

When I plan vacations 2 years in advanced knowing that’s a more realistic…reality to when I’ll be taking one?

I mean, I’ll still probably do some improptu trips, but I’m talking about VACATION! Planning ahead to make sure I can properly get the time off, get my shit together, and maybe make goals to complete before then…

Shit. That’s adulting.

Anybut, Disney World 2021!! WHOO!!!

Scatter Brained

My brain is in Intermisson…

Right now, my brain is going through a mode of “in-between”. I’m in-between projects/shows and therefore have nothing I HAVE to do…but SHOULD do.

I’m far behind in my writing goals for the year. I’m behind in my reading goals for the year. I’m behind in my life goals for the year….I’m behind.

BUT I’m ahead in everything else! I found a dentist I like who doesn’t make me feel awful when I go in…yet. I’ve helped a good friend with her book (as a beta reader and a little editing on the side). And I still have a job at the theater I work at for at least one more season.

Is it all balance out? No, but it’s the small victories, right?


All By Myself

Two days off…

Now that the show I’ve been working on for six weeks has closed…it’s been lonely.

I miss the cast. I miss the crew. I miss the show………BUT!! I don’t think I had another week in me.

This show wasn’t as bad as the last show I did. That show I was done after week 2 of performances. But there’s still a sense of “ready to move on”.

The next show is going to be smaller. The crew is going to be four or five people including me and the assistant stage manager (NOT including costumes and wigs). The cast is still a pretty good size….13, but there’s only one set with nothing moving….except for the floor (because it’s going to be on a turntable).

The more interesting thing (for me anybut) is the cast is almost all brand new faces, except for 2. Though it makes me a little nervous, too. The last time we did a show with mostly new faces……the actors almost got into fights every day….

ANYbut, I’m not going to think about that, but think about the next show in a positive light. I get a brief break before that show, about 3 weeks.


Back to the Dentist

Today I’m heading back to the dentist…

It’s time for some deep cleaning. And then (if I’m not in pain) maybe a nice dinner with friends…maybe.

Am I scared? Not really. I’m nervous for the cleaning. I don’t like the sound of the metal tools on my teeth. But I’m thinking of taking a little stress ball to keep my nerves calm…if I can find my stress ball…I sort of lost it…a WHILE ago…hence my stress.

Anybut, fingers crossed everything goes well today!

Performance #12 & STRIKE!!

I know it’s today….

The end of the show! Final performance!!

And this show was ready to be over. A few more pieces fell off props, timing was off, set moves were late or almost forgotten….

She (the show, the beast, the fantasy) is done.

Strike (for me) went quick with a few hiccups, but overall it was great. Out at 6:30pm.

There was an after party in the lobby….that moved to a hotel, but I didn’t partake. I’m not one for those kinds of things. I’ll see everyone again, plus I wouldn’t really feel part of it. This show, I feel, really was more of an ensemble show and they shared moments I don’t want to interfere with.

And, again, I’ll see most of them again. I’m not going anywhere.

But now I’m on a break until September when we start rehearsals for the next show.

I’ll still be posting every day until the 31st of August….and maybe beyond that…we shall see…

Performance #10 & #11

Two show day…

Morning show went well….but the show seems to have decided it’s ready to be done. Things were breaking all over the place (not in the show-breaking way, but enough to be annoying).

The evening show went much smoother….except a sun flat caught on the scrim, but it was easily freed and didn’t stop the show.

Tomorrow is the final performance. Then we STRIKE!!

Bitter sweet, but I’ll save those feelings for tomorrow.


ALSO!! Our air conditioner went out yesterday….and of course this is a hot weekend….slap me sideways!

Performance #9

Officially into this final weekend…

There’s only 3 more shows before we strike this thing.

Today was fine. A barn flat almost landed on top of the two main characters, but luckily they were paying attention and didn’t move under it.

……And the crew were able to get it to stop before landing. There were also a couple weird small things that happened….though I can’t really remember them….

Except for a strange “ding” that happened towards the end of the show……but I think everyone decided it was somebody in the orchestra who did it…

ANYBUT! Tomorrow is another two show day (or two doh shay).

Performance #8

Our only Thursday show…

Today was a one time performance at 7:30 pm instead of the usual evening performance at 8pm.

Nobody was late, everyone remembered there was a show today, and our audience was the best Thursday numbers we’ve ever had since I’ve been working here.

I haven’t really been talking about the audience numbers on these, but they’ve been the best numbers for any of our shows…….

But that probably has to do with the fact the show is Shrek the Musical….kids love Shrek….parents love bringing their kids to see Shrek….

Anybut, the big reveal! Kind of….not really.

Tomorrow, back to 8pm performance.