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The tooth is in…



But seriously, the veneer is in, I can smile fully again…and I don’t have to go back to the dentist for 6 months (except to pick up my night guard but that’s just a pop in and pick up).

I’M FREE!!!!

Tomorrow is the Day

I go back to the dentist tomorrow…

It’s time to get my new tooth. The chipped tooth which has become a baby tooth will soon grow up into a brand new adult tooth…

Hopefully. Who knows. I may go in and the tooth won’t fit. But I’m positive it will. Then after that I get a mold of my brand new set of teeth so I can get a night guard to protect my teeth from grinding while I sleep.

Anybut, once that’s all done…..I GET ICE CREAM!!! YAY!!! I’ve been waiting for WEEKS to eat ice cream again!!


Dentist Update

My jaw hurts…

But not from work being done, just from holding my mouth open for so long.

I had 2 appointments over the past 2 weeks. Why?

I’m not ashamed. I had to get deep cleaning cause I’m not good at flossing. I’ve never been good at it, but I’m making a…drawing a line in the sand. I’m going to do better.

Oh, and I also, mainly, had to get the deep clean before I can get my chipped tooth fixed. Don’t want it rotting underneath the…why is the word vinyl in my head? That’s reallllly not the right word. Varnish? Nope, definitely not the right word.

VENEER!!! There it is (ironically there was a poster with this word next to me in the office the whole time I was in my appointment).

ANYbut, I got the chipped tooth grind down and they took a mold of my teeth. Now we wait 2 weeks for the tooth to get made (they don’t make them in-house) and then I’ll get another mold so I can get a night guard to stop me from grinding my teeth. Which was why my tooth chipped in the first place.

So, yeah, that’s my dentist update for the past 2 weeks.

Back to the Dentist

Today I’m heading back to the dentist…

It’s time for some deep cleaning. And then (if I’m not in pain) maybe a nice dinner with friends…maybe.

Am I scared? Not really. I’m nervous for the cleaning. I don’t like the sound of the metal tools on my teeth. But I’m thinking of taking a little stress ball to keep my nerves calm…if I can find my stress ball…I sort of lost it…a WHILE ago…hence my stress.

Anybut, fingers crossed everything goes well today!

The Dentist Update

By some miracle…

I have no cavities! I’m shocked only because…I mean, I honestly thought I would have them.

But no. Cavity-free!!

My gums aren’t that great, but I knew that already and will start working on that (especially since I have to go back for a deep clean and to get the chipped tooth situated).

Anybut, it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

HOWEVER! My previous post on The Dentist still stands! (shameless plug alert)

The Dentist

I have to go to the dentist tomorrow…

I’m terrified.

I chipped my tooth a while back (like weeks ago) and the only time available was tomorrow. Why the delay? A) the dentist was out of town and B) their the office on my insurance card.

There’s no pain from my chipped tooth. But I know I’m going to get an earful for waiting so long.

I mean if dentists wanted people to come in more frequently they shouldn’t be so mean.

Okay, to be fair, I haven’t been to this dentist office yet. But almost all offices I have been to I’ve always left feeling like a failure. I understand the desire to scare someone into taking care of their teeth, but that doesn’t work on everyone.

Especially not me. I already know I don’t do a good job at it. What I need is them to tell my why. Am I using the wrong brush? Should I be using a specific toothpaste? Instead, I’m shamed. I’m made to feel like a failure.

And then I don’t want to go back.

“If you were doing a good job it wouldn’t be so bad.”

HA! Joke’s on you! Even when I used to go and had no plaque and no cavities I was still shamed! Comment deflected.

Anybut, I’m terrified for tomorrow. I don’t want to cry in front the dentist….again.