The Dentist

I have to go to the dentist tomorrow…

I’m terrified.

I chipped my tooth a while back (like weeks ago) and the only time available was tomorrow. Why the delay? A) the dentist was out of town and B) their the office on my insurance card.

There’s no pain from my chipped tooth. But I know I’m going to get an earful for waiting so long.

I mean if dentists wanted people to come in more frequently they shouldn’t be so mean.

Okay, to be fair, I haven’t been to this dentist office yet. But almost all offices I have been to I’ve always left feeling like a failure. I understand the desire to scare someone into taking care of their teeth, but that doesn’t work on everyone.

Especially not me. I already know I don’t do a good job at it. What I need is them to tell my why. Am I using the wrong brush? Should I be using a specific toothpaste? Instead, I’m shamed. I’m made to feel like a failure.

And then I don’t want to go back.

“If you were doing a good job it wouldn’t be so bad.”

HA! Joke’s on you! Even when I used to go and had no plaque and no cavities I was still shamed! Comment deflected.

Anybut, I’m terrified for tomorrow. I don’t want to cry in front the dentist….again.


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