Random News

Discussing things that happened…

Time to talk about 5 things that’ve happened and state my random opinion about them:

  1. Instagram getting rid of likes…older news, but I didn’t want to do a random news sooner than a week after another one. Will this bring positive change? Who knows. Will it affect people who make a living on Instagram? Probably, but who knows for sure?
  2. CATS trailer #2 thoughts: Still looks creepy. They added a storyline…ok. They adjusted the coloring of Victoria’s (the white cat) fur…but not really? They added like jaguar spots and made her overall fur a little darker. Taylor Swift still annoys me. How DARE they turn Mr Mistoffelees (……all right, I don’t know how to spell his name from memory…) into a comedic side kick! He is supposed to be suave and like Rum Tum Tugger’s little buddy! COME ON! To be fair, it may not be like that, but it’s what I gathered from the trailer.
  3. Tesla’s new truck…um, what? I don’t understand…when did we revert back to late 90’s graphics? As video games become more realistic…Elon Musk makes the world more polygonal.
  4. Frozen 2 is now in theaters. Will it be better than the first movie? Will we all have to deal with thousands of children singing the same song poorly? I don’t know…I don’t care. The first movie to me had great music (except for one song), but the story was a little lacking. It was the opposite reaction I had for Tangled. Tangled had a strong story, but I wasn’t a fan of the music……..but Frozen is the one that got a sequel……..oh, well.
  5. Personal News: I will be going to a writer’s conference in February…on a cruise ship? I mean, as far as locations go…not bothered. I know the author who runs the conference and he’s given me a lot of feedback on my works in progress. But for this conference, I’m hoping to take the next step and, hopefully, get my book published in the next year or two. But we’ll see.

And that was 5 random news stories.

Anybut, thank you for joining me.

These were MY opinions on each. Your opinions may be different and that’s fine. Now on to more random things!!

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