I Got Sucked In

I started playing a game I haven’t played in a while…

It’s called Subnautica. You are a passenger on a space transporter ship, but it gets shot down and crashes on a planet that is 98% ocean. You have to collect resources and survive, but also find a way to get off the planet without being shot out of the sky…oh, and there’s a virus that’s killing you.

I get so sucked into these kinds of games because I sort of like busy work. Mindless farming is relaxing for me. It also passes time like NObody’s business.

Each completion of one small task leads to another small task that eventually completes a larger task.

I’ve also started this game three times because I really enjoy the beginning before you “go deeper”.

Someday I’ll actually finish the game…but until then I’ll be right back. I gotta go collect some copper and acid mushrooms…not what you’re thinking.

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