Random Food Update

Good thing to know I’m not a vampire…

My friends and I went to this restaurant where they put garlic in everything…and I mean EVERYTHING. (Okay, to be fair, not necessarily the drinks, but everything else absolutely)

It’s called The Stinking Rose and I mean if you don’t like garlic or can’t stand the smell of garlic you won’t even last five seconds inside. You walk in and it’s a waft of garlic. There are paintings on the wall, some familiar paintings, that have garlic cloves somehow incorporated into them.

Even the desserts had garlic in them. I ate the vanilla and garlic ice cream and it was delicious.

Everything was delicious. Though I did smell like garlic for a few days after…sorry kitties.

Anybut, highly recommend it if you’re ever in the Los Angeles area. Not gonna lie, a bit pricey, but fun.

This has been a random food update.


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