Rehearsal Day 9

Today was a tiffy day…

What does that mean? It means it was a day that just tiffed me. It got under my skin and just kept prodding me.

One of my pet peeves is poor communication. I’m someone that will ask for clarification to an almost annoying degree. I want to make sure I understand what someone is asking me so I can do it correctly.

So when I see people not communicate effectively and then turn their anger at me….that’s a tiffy day. When I get blamed for other people’s lack of communication…I get a tiffy day.

I also don’t enjoy not having all the information before being thrown into a situation. As mentioned in my post Rehearsal Day 3, I was elected to be the go-between communicator between the hired puppet maker and Production Staff. I did the best to my ability not actually knowing every puppet the maker was updating or what exactly the director, artistic director, or stage management wanted me to get on record.

So already two pet peeves on my radar: poor communication and being thrown into a situation without the full rundown.

Not only was this the case, but (found this out later) the AD didn’t want to come in and meet with the guy and now it somehow has become MY FAULT the puppets are late to be delivered, the puppet maker guy isn’t responding to messages, and that the props are not all in the rehearsal hall (props by the way that needed repair and some needed specialists to repair).

To be fair to the puppet maker….the company already paid him in full so there’s no incentive to get the puppets to rehearsal faster. And I hear some of you in the back saying “What about his reputation?” What about it? He’s been in the business 20+ years so who’s reputation could be hurt by this? The veteran or the company that paid up front instead of in increments or at the end?

Also, Debbie Downer from my other rehearsal post (I don’t remember which one exactly, but it doesn’t really matter) was in full force today. Trying to solve problems are near impossible when you got somebody saying your suggestion won’t work….only to then suggest it themselves as a possibility and get praise for it…

Anybut, enough complaining over things I have no control over. I’ll keep working hard and doing what’s expected.

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