Rehearsal Day 14

Five Days until tech week…

Excitement today.

Recording happened for a tap dance to add a little more sound where needed.

Finished props were brought in.

Apparently an actor was offered a dog by a homeless person at Chipotle….I don’t know the full story only what I could glean from passing conversation.

Personally, I fixed props that needed some updating to help out the prop designers.

…I also had a little bit of struggle today. It’s hard sometimes to be in rehearsals when it’s a struggle day. Sometimes it’s hard to watch people singing, dancing, and performing while I do legitimate work for the show, but nothing physically demanding. It makes the Imposter Syndrome grow stronger…kind of like the Dark side…except not as fun.

But I power through the struggle. I power through the thoughts trying to bring me down.

It doesn’t hurt that there are a few actors who go out of their way to make everyone laugh. And a few who always ask me how I’m doing. Sometimes that’s all I need. Just an acknowledgement that someone is happy I’m there.

Anybut, enough of that. Going to be doing something special tomorrow! Well, the actors…not me. But I get to write about it.

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