Friendly Reminder

For those of us who haven’t driven their car in months….I hope everyone has been remembering to at least drive a short distance to make sure your car stays well…

Cuz I didn’t…and now my car battery (which is less than a year old btw) is dead.

It’s my own fault. But it’s reminded me how long this has been going on. The theater I work for has been closed since March…and will be closed until next year.

Anybut, called AAA and got the battery jumped. The dude told me to drive it around for 30-60 minutes. I drove for about 30 minutes and then made the STUPID decision to go through a drive-thru.

I was thirsty, there was one car in line, so I didn’t think it would be a problem.

It was a problem.

Ordered the drink, had to wait five seconds for the car in front of me to pay and move on…it was 5 seconds too long.

The battery died. A truck pulled up behind me. A very nice gentleman helped push my car through the line to a parking spot. I yelled at the confused worker in the window that my battery was dead and I’d be back to pay.

After my car was “parked” I went in and paid for my drink then called for help. I sat in my car drinking my cursed soda while I waited for a tow truck to come and take my car to the same place I bought my battery.

Luckily, the battery was still under warranty so all I had to pay for was labor.

And that’s the story……oh and they had Ghostbusters 2 on the TV…followed by Goonies.

Yeah. Please don’t be a moron like me and be sure to drive your car at least twice a week.

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