A Sign?

I am a firm believer…that signs are purely coincidental.

If you believe in them, power to ya. But I’ve never held much thought to them.

Have there been supremely ironic moments in my life? Yes. Do I believe they have to do with the future? Rarely. More often than not they refer to the past. In other words…I believe more in karma than signs.

I can hear some of you saying, “how can you believe in karma but not signs.”

Cause I do. And that’s enough.

ANYBUT!! The whole point of this post isn’t actually to have a debate on the difference between karma and signs and blah blah blah.

But I DO find it highly coincidental that I’m alone in the house currently and all of the sudden the backyard has become a gathering spot for all kinds of animals.

…Okay mostly feral cats.

……And OKAY! I’m not ALONE. My two cats are here.

But I didn’t expect to have an episode of Pepe Le Pew play out in my backyard.

Yep. I had a skunk pay a visit during the night.

Let me set the scene: My black kitten is meowing at the window and I go over thinking she sees a bug. I see the feral cat snooping in the bushes.

The feral cat jumps and runs up the hill. Out of the darkness, the skunk emerges and follows the cat up the hill. I can’t hear anything, but judging from the cat’s body language, it didn’t like the attention.

The skunk eventually gets the memo and goes down the hill and into the yard. It wanders around digging and sniffing. I guess looking for bugs…do skunks eat bugs? Sure, bugs.

Glamor shots were taken and nobody or house got skunked…..I can’t speak for the poor feral cat that was trapped on the hill until the skunk disappeared into the night.

Scoping out the damage in the morning, I find holes in the dirt and one, small pile of skunk doodie.

What does this have to do with signs? Well, if I believed in signs…I would say this is probably not a good one.

But since I believe in karma……what the hell did I DO?!

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