Once More Unto the Breach

Rehearsals are starting again…

The next show I’m working on starts rehearsals tomorrow (Monday). Unlike the last show, this one is smaller in cast size and rehearsal time. Instead of three weeks, we’re only rehearsing two weeks.

I mentioned in a previous post about the pre-rehearsal work. But tomorrow is the real stuff. The actors/musicians are going to be there and it’ll be time to do some real work.

I’m not as familiar with this show as I was of the last one, but that makes it more interesting for me. Although, the accents used for this show are pretty thick so we’ll see how well I can follow along.

I mean I have the script, but I don’t like staring at it too much.

Anybut, I’ve been sticking pretty well to posting every day, but we’ll see how much longer I can keep it up.

If I can reach 100 days I’ll be happy…so I guess as long as I can keep this up for…two more days? I’ll reach that goal.

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