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Doggone It!

There was too much excitement yesterday with the “mini” Thanksgiving my family did and by mini I just mean not a full-size turkey and not as much food.

We made the choice because my parents are going to see my brother next week and didn’t want to have too much left over food and so we all compromised and decided we’d do a FULL turkey dinner for Christmas instead…okay, whatever.


With all the excitement and adjusted time frames for the cooking…….WE FORGOT TO WATCH THE PURINA DOG SHOW!!!


We remembered to watch the Macy’s parade, some football (not real hardcore fans), and some holiday baking shows.

But the MOST important television event of the year?! Forgot.

Anybut, congratulations to the dogs who performed well and congratulations too….

>checking google<

THOR?! The winning dog was a bulldog named THOR?! AND I MISSED IT!!! LIFE, WHY?!

I guess…there’s always next year….ugh….

The Tree The Tree

The time has come…

The Christmas tree is up.

And one cat, Lele loves it…and by that I mean he’s already sat under it and given his approval.

Midna refuses to go downstairs…too much excitement.

Anybut, here’s a pic:


Yay. Holidays. The next step is cookies…but those’ll have to wait until later.


Yesterday I had a delicious dinner with friends.

I got to meet an adorable French Bulldog names Stitch who is (in my eyes) Instagram famous…but mostly the cutest little puppy.

You can see pictures of this adorable puppy at @sincerelystitch.

The food was of course absolutely delicious and I couldn’t move after. Which was good cause we played JackBox games after which require very little movement.

It was a special Friendsgiving since one of my friends had just flown back from Saudi Arabia the DAY BEFORE! He’d been working on a musical there for an Arts festival.

He was very jet lagged but did his best to stay awake through dinner but crashed early. We all definitely understood.

Anybut, it was a fantastic Friendsgiving and now today is the real deal with my family.

Power’s Back

That was an…ordeal…

First off, they told us they were turning the power off at 8:30am. It turned off at 9:45am. Okay. That’s no big deal.

And they were done by 2:30pm instead of the 5pm they told us. Also, okay. No big deal.

What was an ordeal was the cable and internet. My theory is the cable company forgot to turn them back on until about 4pm. Why was this an ordeal?

Well, my father isn’t very calm or impatient when things don’t work when they’re supposed to…wonder where I got THAT from?! Anyways, had to listen to him do that thing men do where they breathe loudly and huff and puff trying to pretend like they know what they’re doing instead of believing not only those around them, but one of those websites (looking at from our phones) that say there’s a blackout in the area.

Bottom line. The actual power outage situation was simple and easy. It was dealing with my parents……..who weren’t even home for all of it.

ANYBUT, I got a lot of reading done. Got halfway through Stephen King’s End of Watch which I’ve been meaning to read for…..four years?


So after posting about how I can never finish the video game Subnautica…..


I sucked it up and went deeper. I ventured to the depths of depths and found the cure to the alien disease and made it off the planet.

I guess I just needed to post about how scared of the deep sea in a video game to overcome that fear and finish the game.

Thank all of you. You were apart of this milestone.

………………I’m gonna go start another game so I can keep collecting copper and acid mushrooms. Again…..not what you think.

I Got Sucked In

I started playing a game I haven’t played in a while…

It’s called Subnautica. You are a passenger on a space transporter ship, but it gets shot down and crashes on a planet that is 98% ocean. You have to collect resources and survive, but also find a way to get off the planet without being shot out of the sky…oh, and there’s a virus that’s killing you.

I get so sucked into these kinds of games because I sort of like busy work. Mindless farming is relaxing for me. It also passes time like NObody’s business.

Each completion of one small task leads to another small task that eventually completes a larger task.

I’ve also started this game three times because I really enjoy the beginning before you “go deeper”.

Someday I’ll actually finish the game…but until then I’ll be right back. I gotta go collect some copper and acid mushrooms…not what you’re thinking.


The ONLY good thing about all the holiday stuff on TV….

All the Holiday Baking competitions. Christmas cookies are definitely the one thing that doesn’t get old with Holiday stuff.

It’s the main thing I look forward to every year….mostly because I love eating them.

Sooooooo…..maybe stay tuned for Holiday Cookie Baking Posts????


Way Down Hadestown

Way down under the ground…

If you need a song to jam to or dance alone in your room to, Way Down Hadestown is the one.

It’s jazzy, bouncy, and very New Orleans. The whole show is really, but this song is killer.

It got me thinking of other songs that are fun to dance to alone in your room…or at a club if you have a social life….and I realized there aren’t many from musicals even though they are made for dancing.

Maybe I’ll do a list of musical songs that would fit in clubs…and I don’t mean remixed versions…looking at you Defying Gravity.

Fall Clearing

I’m very productive…

When I procrastinate. I have things I need to do before January. So, instead of doing them, I do things I’ve needed to do for…3 years?

My point is I cleaned out my closet. I went through every single piece of clothing and decided what had/needed/should’ve gone.

And let me tell you, I did some real damage. I’m pretty sure I got rid of almost 75 pieces of clothing. Some things I’ve had since high school…woof.

A lot of things were items that were the wrong size and have ALWAYS been the wrong size. Like I bought them knowing full well they were the wrong size for me, but I thought, “Hey, some day I MIGHT fit into this.”

Oh, young, naive past-me. Deep down you knewin your heart that was never going to happen.

There were also things that were falling apart, but I loved them so much I didn’t want to let them go. But I did. I let them go. With minimal tears.

Anybut, now I need to find something else to procrastinate with…