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New Year, New Home…

31 Days of Holiday Memories!!

Day 14

When we moved from California to Indiana, it was in January….yeah again, I’m stretching the holiday memory term…but it was close to the new year.

Anybut, it was my first time seeing snow.

Also, our refrigerator hadn’t been delivered yet, so we kept drinks outside, buried in the snow…I really remember that more than the actual first time I saw snow…weird.

Snowy Mountain…Snowy Mountain

Anybody else read that title like “Can-dy Moun-tain. Can-dy Moun-tain”…like the unicorns from that old Charlie the unicorn video? Just me? Okay.

Anybut, the good thing about the rainy days in Southern California:



The closest I get to snow every year.

Here’s another:


Not as pretty color wise, but a little clearer.


But it did rain again after I took these pictures and got chilly so….boo.

Thought this would also be fitting as a December 1st post so there’s that, too.