Odd Trifecta

I get out of work really late most days.

I mean the day ends at 11 pm, but I’m not out the door until 11:30 pm.

Anybut, I mention this because I saw some interesting things one night driving home.

So the off ramp from the freeway I use to get home isn’t very exciting. But on this night, I just happened to look around since I’d been stopped by a red light.

To my left, draped almost lovingly over a One Way sign was a (surprisingly clean-looking) mattress. It had a green sheet on it so I can only believe it was, up until the point it had been left on a road sign, recently used. It covered half the One Way sign (I guess, making it a One sign actually).

And I thought, “…Odd.”

I looked to my right. Sitting amidst the overgrowth (in front of the other One Way sign because of course you need one on both sides of the road for the dumbasses who don’t get the hint after seeing cars driving AT you) was an office chair. It was aimed towards oncoming traffic so, if one so chose, you could sit and stare down each car exiting the freeway.

And again I thought, “…Odd.”

By this time, the light changed to green and I drove forward. As I turned I took one last look at the mattress. Sitting next to it on the ground was a hand basket from, like, a grocery store.

To this, I thought, “…Not as odd.” (Grocery store baskets and carts were not unusual to see discarded on the side of the road…and not just because homeless people use them! Some people are simply just assholes)

Now, my brain sometimes takes a minute to actually process things, but I started to think about the Odd Trifecta.

And I made a decision.

I did NOT go back to get any of these lonely items, that wasn’t the decision…not that I didn’t THINK about doing that, but there’s not really any room in my house so I had to give up that idea right quick.

I decided to believe the times were placed as an art project or were staged for a student film.

Think about it.

The mattress lazily draped over a One Way sign represents the endless One Way loop of the day ending and beginning from a bed. The Way is blocked by the mattress to hide the truth while presenting the One because once we sleep we are alone even when someone shares our bed.

The office chair placed amongst overgrowth and facing traffic is the working folks constant watching as others drive past as they’re trapped in repetitiveness. But ultimately it’s pointless as nature will always reclaim the concrete jungles when they cease to be operable.

And the hand basket? Alone on a sidewalk?…Capitalism.

OR…it could just all be garbage someone dumped.

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