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31 Days of Horror Movies #3

Kids movies can be scary…

The Movie: The Brave Little Toaster

The Scene: The opening dream sequence where a clown dressed as a firefighter leans close to the camera and says (while his lips move around his teeth) “run”. The image alone is terrifying, but the creepy whisper voice the clown speaks with is awful.


31 Days of Horror Movies #1

October 1st movie is…


The scene represented here is when a Killer Klown from outer space drinks the blood of a human trapped in a cotton candy ball thing with a silly straw.

This was the first scene I ever saw from this movie (it was on TV at the time) and not only did the klown designs terrify me, but the idea they were trapping humans to drink their blood…


31 Days of Horror Movies

Last year…

For the month of October I (poorly) drew scenes from horror movies that scared me, shocked me, or stuck with me from childhood or beyond.

This was relegated to Instagram, but this year I’m sharing as many platforms as possible….mostly because the other list I did was horror books on my Twitter account and I forgot to make that list and seeing as how it’s October…yeah, just gonna do the movie one.

Anybut, the next post will be the first (poorly) drawn scene.

These will be in no particular order or rank. Also, there will be a few movies that aren’t technically horror movies, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have scarring scenes.