Hello Out There

This…is different. Maybe not for you, the reader/onlooker/passerby. But for me, this is different.

I could spend this post saying hello and introducing myself. I could. But that’s what the About page is for (this is my attempt to get you to click a link to another page that has more ramblings, but much better thought out ramblings…maybe not better, but different ramblings that took me more time to write/reach a point where I didn’t flinch every time I read it).

What I can add that isn’t on the About page (notice the repeated link) is this: Since names are common (and my first name is the same as another blogger, a far more well-known blogger than I’ll ever be) I’d prefer to be called J.

Blogging may no longer be a niche thing. Fact. Everyone and their mother, grandmother, grandfather, father, cat, dog, canary, parrot, ferret…egg may have a blog now. Fact.

But so what. I’ve alway been behind in social media things. Why change now?

Here is my blog. This is the first official post of my blog. And all I have to say is: Hello out there!

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