Naked Cat Pics

My mom hates sphinx cats.

Okay, she doesn’t HATE them, but she doesn’t like looking at them. I on the other hand find them adorable and hilarious. I’ve on occasion threatened to shave our cats to prove cats are cute naked.

Not really. But I have collected a backlog of photos from the internet to send my mom whenever I need a laugh.

Ex. 1 (The Beginning: it started innocently enough)



Ex. 2 (started to get weird)




Ex. 3-9 (got suuuuuper weird)



Finally Ex. 10-11 (I won her over)



Course, then I shared this with my friends………..and they didn’t seem to find it as funny as me…………so I showed them the error of their ways with a special Halloween treat:



Bottom line:

Sphynx cats are THE BEST!!

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