THAT House Pt. 4

Okay, I’m cheating on this one…

This isn’t really a house that was  in our neighborhood. I’m going to be talking about my late grandmother’s house.

I loved my grandmother. I loved visiting her in Kansas. But she was a bit of a hoarder…and by a bit I mean a lot.

Anybut, this could be a series of its own, but we’ll see.

Whenever my family would visit my grandmother’s house, I always stayed in the room across from the Cat Room (not what you’re thinking)…the Doll Room.

Now, you’re probably imagining a lot of dolls…well, triple that….no, quadruple that number and that’s what the room looked like.

To be fair, she did have a wall of built in shelves where most of the dolls sat, but there were many hanging around the room. On the bed, on the dresser, on the toy chest (which ironically was used for clothes, not more dolls), and sitting in the corners of the room (sometimes on a rocking chair).

Not only was this doll room filled with dolls, but there was a window by the bed where a single lamp post shone light in all night. A ray of lamp post light, filling the room with that lovely orangey, yellow glow….with THOUSANDS of doll eyes watching me sleep.

I loved my grandmother….but I was not a fan of the Doll Room.

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