Rehearsal Day 16

Three Days until Tech Week…

Today was the Designer Run. All the Designers were there to see all the work we’ve been doing the past 15 Days.

First half of the day was cleaning some last minute things, then an hour dinner break (which was actually a half hour lunch for me since I had to set for top of show).

Then we ran the show for the Designers with no stops. It went very well. Everything made it onstage when it needed to and there were few fumbles. It wasn’t perfect, but it got laughs, some tears, and cheers.

HOWEVER!! During one of the most emotional parts of the show…..I accidentally leaned against a light switch and half the lights shutoff, but I quickly fixed it. But I was the only one on that side of the rehearsal hall. All the actors were either onstage or on the other side of the rehearsal hall about to enter the scene…Needless to say, it was very obvious I did it….

Anybut, rehearsal Saturday is going to be first half notes from the Designer Run and second half cleaning/another run-through. The need to do run-throughs as much as possible before tech week is important. For one, the actors build the stamina for the show before needing to build stamina with costume changes and other factors. For another, our Director is actually not going to be attending tech week. We have the Assistant and Associate Directors who will be filling in, but our Director wants to do as much as he can before he leaves.

Sunday is going to be….no, I’ll leave that to be a surprise.

But FIRST, I get a day off! Hooray!

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