Smart Dreams

I hate when my dreams scold me…

Has that ever happened to you?

You’re minding your own business in a dream flying or meeting your idol and then your dream decides, “Okay, enough fun. Time to get down to business!”

That happened to me not last night, but the night before. I was dreaming about this really cool location where the ocean floor glowed allowing you to see the sea life beneath the surface (only really in the shallows). Kind of like how you can glitch in games where there’s water so you can see the bottom perfectly.

Anyways, I was enjoying the magically glowing sea life when all of the sudden I was inside a building watching a play about a love triangle. Not really a love triangle…but kind of? I don’t really know how to explain it unless you’ve been in one of these.

Here I go trying anyways: the love triangle were only one person realizes there is one but one person in the couple still kind of flirts with the that one person………okay, in other words when a third wheel also has a crush on one of the two in the couple and a member of the couple doesn’t help with the confusing feelings cause they are a natural flirt.

What does this have to do with my dream scolding me?

Well, you could say it’s like that old verse don’t yearn for your neighbors wife….I don’t really know the verse, but it was something like that. This kind of ties in to a previous post I wrote about a guy in college I had a crush on who never mentioned he was married until someone else asked him. Nothing happened between us cause I’m NOT that kind of lady. But I think writing about that experience made my subconscious go into moral overload.

You remembered that moment in you life and need to be reminded that if someone is taken, they are TAKEN! 

This wasn’t really ever a moral question for me, but everyone still has that teeny tiny voice in the back of their head saying, “yeah, but what if you did it?” and sometimes your dreams play it out for you……….or they SCOLD YOU!!

My dreams rarely play things out for me. They prefer to scold me.

Anybut, being a third wheel….SUUUUUCKS!

But someday I’ll find my wheel and I’ll be part of a four-wheel….NOT IN THAT WAY!!

I’m gonna end this post here before I put both of my feet in my mouth.

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