Press Opening (Performance #2)

Well, that was an interesting performance…

Live theater is a unique beast. It doesn’t matter how many times you rehearse it, something new always seems to happen.

And sometimes…and actor slips and knocks the entire ground row over.

For those not in the know, a ground row is literally a background set piece on the ground up stage (the back of the stage) to simulate a landscape. Think of the hills of Oklahoma! or for those not in theater, a wooden cutout in the shape of hills, mountains, etc.

Anybut, the actor slipped and ran into the ground row, knocking it all over. Luckily, the show we’re doing is a comedy and our lead came right in with some lines to make the audience laugh….

But this wasn’t any old performance. This was our Press Opening. Which means reviewers were in the audience……well, at least we’ll stand out.

One more show tomorrow and then I get four days off.

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