31 Days of Horror Movie #5

It’s starting to get spoooooky…

The Movie: Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Scene: Frankenfurter (spelling?) pulls away the dinner table cloth to reveal Eddie (Meat Loaf)’s dead, disemboweled body.



Context: My brother and I had watched a special behind the scenes/history of the making of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I was…8…9…10…somewhere around there. Anybut, after the behind the scenes/history of the making of, they showed the whole movie uncut.

Everything was fine, great. Until Tim Curry pulled that dining table cloth away. My young eyes couldn’t EXACTLY comprehend what I was seeing, but I knew I didn’t like it. I had nightmares about Tim Curry as Frankenfurter (spelling?!) serving my disemboweled bits for dinner for about a week.

LOVE the movie though.

P.S.- I didn’t get to watch the bedroom scenes when I was a kid. Our parents made sure of that.

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