The Jitterbug


Day 1

My junior year of high school was the first time in like 10 years they did a musical.

It was The Wizard of Oz….ugh. Not my favorite musical, but I auditioned for it anyways.

Now, because of marching band, I couldn’t be cast in a large role, but I was cast. I remember the audition process. I sang for our school’s choir teacher and she said, “Another person who can sing not in choir.”

……….Thank you?

Anybut, I also remember writing on my audition sheet that I was not a good dancer.

So what was I cast as? A munchkin? A flying monkey?


I was cast as a Jitterbug…..the tap dancing part of the musical.

I did it. I learned fake tapping cause they only had four people who could ACTUALLY tap. I went through the rehearsals and the performances. Every night the Tinman fell on my foot

My band directors were a little sore that I wanted to be in the show and not in the pit playing oboe, clarinet, and english horn….but I was happy.

We still have pictures of me wearing my Jitterbug makeup.

Okay, I kind of cheated with this one, but it was during the holidays. The musical was the fall musical and marching band ended in early November so the performances were in late November, early December. So it basically counts.

Plus, I think the pictures of me in my Jitterbug makeup had Christmas decorations in the background……

If I find the picture, I will add it to this post or make a separate post with it.

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