Day 4

We had just gotten our second kitten. This was WAAAAAY back in 1998/1999 (I don’t remember the exact year…..gonna have to ask my parents…).

We had our first cat, Maui. Our second cat we called Kauai….sensing a theme?

Anybut, it was Kauai’s first Christmas and we’d gotten her own stocking for her so she didn’t have to share with Maui. We bought a feather on a string on a stick. She loved it.

I played with her for about ten minutes Christmas morning. Then she collapsed and started shaking. Foam came out of her mouth and me, a child, screamed and started crying.

I thought I’d killed our new kitten.

We took her to the animal hospital and learned it WASN’T MY FAULT!

We’d gotten her vaccinated a couple days before Christmas and she apparently had a bad reaction to one of the vaccines.

From then on, she couldn’t get that shot. Neither I nor my parents remember exactly which one it was, but it was one that surprisingly a large number of cats have reactions to…so the more you know.

Kauai was fine and lived a long, happy cat life.

I never said all of the memories would be happy ones.

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