My First Beanie Babies

31 Days of Holiday Memories!

Day 6

Remember when Beanie Babies were HUGE?

Yeah, I lived through that with only a couple hundred purchases…much to my parents’ chagrin.

Anybut! My first 2 Beanie Babies were Christmas gifts. A stingray (Sting) and a pink flamingo (Pinkie)…the irony that I grew up to be afraid of stingrays is tragic…


They were my introduction into the Beanie Baby world and I still have ALL of my collection…but especially my stingray and flamingo.

I blame Beanie Babies on my desire to be a writer. I created an entire city that my beanies lived in. I had couples, families, villains with dastardly plots….the whole shebang.

I miss the classic Beanie Babies. The new ones have less beans and are just not as well-designed…in my opinion.


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