National Vote by Mail day

This is truly one of the only times I will be political…because it’s important.

Voting by mail is safe, is easy, and, for someone with anxiety, makes the whole process less stressful. You get the ballot early enough to do research on any position you don’t know about in order to make a real educated vote.

ALSO!!! You can track your ballot and know the EXACT moment your vote is counted.

With all of the concern over the virus that must not be named (otherwise algorithms tend to push your post to the grave) voting by mail is the safest option available.

Though there are still a number of states that require excuses in order to vote by mail, most do not…so there is NO EXCUSE not to do it!

Check if you’re registered to vote and get the resources you need to vote by mail here:

Enough political talk…but really, consider voting by mail if you hate standing in long lines and feeling pressured in a small box…like I do.

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