All Seasons Horror

Horror films generally get people in the mood for Halloween. Though horror films can come out ANY time of the year.

This got me to thinking…why should horror films be relegated to October. Here are some films that you can watch ANY Season of the year:

10. Alien
Sci-fi horror allows scares to happen any time and any where. You think you’re safe in a spaceship floating through the nothingness of space? THINK AGAIN!! As the famous tag line says: In space, no one can hear you scream.

Christmas is surprisingly a popular time of the year for horror. Krampus goes full tilt Christmas Crazy with killer toys and gingerbread men. This’ll teach all the naughty children to mind their manners or else Krampus will pay them a visit.

8. My Bloody Valentine
I mean…it’s in the name. This horror slasher (whether you watch the 1981 classic or the 2009 remake) takes place during Valentine’s day. What girl wouldn’t love to see a horror film on Valentine’s day? I know I wouldn’t.

7. Apollo 18
Another one taking place in space. This film is in the found footage style. Astronauts start hearing bumps and seeing strange shadows out their windows. But how? They’re on the moon.

6. Black Christmas
Like I said, there are a lot of horror movies that occur during Christmas. I recommend the original 1974 version (also known as Silent Night, Deadly Night). A group of sorority girls are stalked and murdered by a serial killer who’s closer than they think.

5. Thankskilling
Don’t think Halloween is the only fall holiday to get its horror due. Thankskilling is, quite honestly, just a stupid film. In a good way. It’s about a killer turkey. That’s it. That’s all you really need. Enjoy.

4. New Year’s Evil
I’m going to be honest. I’d never heard of this movie until last year, but now I can’t believe it took me that long to watch it. A TV show host works New Years, counting down to the midnight hour. But a killer calls in and announces he’s going to kill someone every time it strikes midnight in each time zone. It’s a mystery and slasher film from 1980 and is definitely one I recommend.

3. Leprechaun
Who’s in the mood for some green beer and pots of gold? Well, you’re only going to get one of those in this fun, schlocky classic from 1993. A murderous leprechaun is after his gold and a young Jennifer Aniston is in his path. There are other people too, but this was Jennifer Aniston’s film debut…so there’s that.

2. Jaws
Summer blockbuster. This film…invented it. And you could argue watching it really reminds you of summer and going to the beach (whether it was an ocean, lake, or river). A classic and all time master class of suspense.

1. The Faculty
I’m not going to lie……I put this film here because I don’t think enough people appreciate it. Is going back to school a holiday? Not really, but thinking your teachers are aliens? Possibly. There’s high school cliches, young actors who either went on to bigger and better things or haven’t been heard from in many years. Truly a primo 90s film that more people need to be reminded existed.

No honorable mentions for this list…otherwise I’ll inundate you with a lot of Christmas horror movies and who wants that?

One thought on “All Seasons Horror”

  1. Gremlins may be a Christmas movie it deserves to be watched all year.

    Tremors is a movie I consider a “summer flick” but it deserves an all year watch.

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