That Didn’t Take Long

Well……….that didn’t take long.

I said I’d attempt to post something every day and managed to last…two days?

High five to ME!

But I guess in order to make this post at least worth reading……

The holiday season can be a time of joy…but for some it can also be a dark time.

This time of year is notorious for raising anxiety and depression amongst many people. This particular year will probably be adding even more to that…cause it was this year.

Check in with friends and family. Even a short message or a simple “Happy Holidays” will suffice.

This year has been a rough and tough and just overall shitty year for everyone. But maybe the last couple of weeks could be the beginning of a more positive year…fingers crossed.

I probably won’t remember to post tomorrow or the next day…but I’ll try my best.

Happy Holidays.

One thought on “That Didn’t Take Long”

  1. I’ve given up saying I’ll blog everyday. Last time I did that I was MIA for 6 months. So now I don’t even bother setting the expectation. Pretty sure it’s only me reading and it’s disappointing reading over past posts where every one of then begins with “its been awhile” and ends with “I’ll post later”. Doesn’t happen lol.
    I will probably still aim for a post every day for 2021 like I usually do haha.
    But don’t sweat it 🙂

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