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31 Days of Horror Movies #22

That town…

The Movie: Silent Hill: Revelation

The Scene: The mannequin monster. The way it moves and the sound it makes…>shiver<


This wasn’t a great movie, but it had its moments. The mannequin monster was a creepy creature that wasn’t on the screen for long. Also, baby Jon Snow in a not particularly strong role…but again, not a particularly strong script.

31 Days of Horror Movies #19

They’re copying us…

The Movie: Mimic

The Scene: When the characters make the realization that the giant bugs are mimicking their only predators…US!

I still remember seeing the commercial for this movie when I was younger. I wanted to see it soooo bad! But my parents thought it would be too scary so I had to wait until it came out for rental at >gasp< Blockbuster.

31 Days of Horror Movies #18

Be my victim…

The Movie: Candyman: Farewell To The Flesh

The Scene: Candyman killing the mother. I saw this when I was really little and it made me scared to wear a white shirt. I was scared I’d see blood and Candyman would be standing behind me. Not even joking.